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Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration for Trades Management

Careers in the trades often lead to managerial and/or ownership positions, yet few trades people have the opportunity to academically prepare themselves with the skills required to own and operate their own business. This program provides individuals with the ability to leverage their prior learning (Trade Certificate) and to augment prior learning with the fundamentals of business management theories and practices. The objective is to produce graduate students who are equipped to successfully function as managers and owners of a trade related business in today’s rapidly changing global environment.

Entrance requirements

1. 5 years work experience.

2. Provincial Certificate of Qualification or inter-provincial certificate of qualification in a trade, held for at least one year.

Note: applicants who do not meet the certification requirement may be considered for admission; contact the department for more information.

3. 500 word essay:
    • Why do you want to obtain a BBA?
    • What kinds of life/work experiences have you had that have contributed to this decision?
    • What experiences have you had that prepare you for the BBA?

4. Interview.

Note: Students must meet the pre-requisites as listed in the calendar for ENGL 105.

How to apply

1. Submit the application fee, along with your UCFV application for admission form, to the Admissions and Records (A&R) office. Application forms are available from any A&R or Student Services office. You can also print an application form from our website at, or you can apply directly through the internet at See the Program Charts for a complete list of application dates and general information.

Additional documents required for a complete application:
• Official transcripts (or interim transcripts) of all post-secondary institutions attended showing grade/course achievement as per program entrance requirements.
• Provincial Certificate of Qualification or inter-provincial certificate of qualification in a trade
• Resume or other documentation showing five years of work experience
• 500 word application essay

Program requirements

Pease refer to the Bachelor of Business Administration section for all other program requirements.

Program outline

Bridging Courses

Course Title Credits
MATH 170 Business Math and Statistics 6
ENGL 105 The Reading and Writing of Prose 3
BUS 202 Contemporary Management 3

Note: Students must successfully complete the bridging courses prior to beginning Semester V.

Semester V

Course Title Credits
BUS 201 Human Resource Management 3
BUS 227 New Business Development 3
BUS 301 Economic and Business Statistics 4
BUS 339 Introductory Financial Statement Analysis 3
BUS 305 Industrial Relations 3

Semester VI

Course Title Credits
BUS 320 Business Research Methods 3
BUS 321 Business to Business Marketing 3
BUS 349 Financial Management I 3
BUS 404 Management Science 3
BUS 406 Compensation and Benefits 3

Semester VII

Course Title Credits
BUS 423 Services Marketing 3
BUS 440 Management Information Systems 3
BUS 457 Project Management 3
Elective Upper-level BUS 3
Elective Upper-level BUS 3

Semester VIII

Course Title Credits
BUS 403 Strategic Management 3
BIO 420 Special Topics (Global Sustainability) 3
BUS 430 Management of Innovation 3
Elective Upper-level BUS 3
Elective Upper-level BUS 3

Program requirements

Students must meet the general requirements of the Bachelor of Business Administration. A 2.67 cumulative grade point average in Semesters V-VIII is required in order to graduate.

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.

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