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English language proficiency requirements

Students registering in post-secondary level courses (numbered 100 to 499) will be required to meet the English language entrance proficiency requirements. Students in ELS or the University Foundations programs can register in those courses identified in the University Foundations program with lower levels of language proficiency.

Please note that not all courses are offered every semester.

UNIV 101

3 credits

University 101

Prerequisite(s): Fewer than 18 university-level credits.

Corequisite(s): None.

Pre- or corequisite(s): None.

Students develop the understanding and skills needed to thrive in diverse and dynamic learning environments, contribute to academic conversations, make connections between disciplines, and identify how their education will impact their lives and their communities. Students will become familiar with the supports and programs offered at UFV through a semester-long project, group work, guest speaker events, and service learning projects.

Note: Field trips outside of class time may be required.

UNIV 102

1 credit

University Studies Tutorial

Prerequisite(s): Permission of Arts Studies department head.

Corequisite(s): At least one course 100-level or above.

Pre- or corequisite(s): None.

This tutorial builds intellectual modes of inquiry needed for university success. In small tutorial working groups, students will practice a variety of learning, reading, conceptualizing, planning, and text deconstructing strategies that they can use to comprehend assignment expectations and develop a systematic approach to working through learning materials for courses they are registered in.

Note: Credit for the tutorial cannot be used towards credit in a program and will result in additional credits beyond credential requirements.

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