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Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) offers students the opportunity to have their skills and knowledge assessed for credit applicable to their program at UFV. In order to receive credit for what they know and can do, students will need to demonstrate how the skills and knowledge they have acquired through work and life experience applies to UFV courses and their UFV program goal.

There are two main approaches to PLAR:

  • Course challenge process: In a course challenge, students’ learning is evaluated through examination or other direct evaluation processes that test for knowledge and skills directly related to the learning outcomes of a specific course.
  • Portfolio assessments: Students compile a portfolio — a collection of documents, objects, and other evidence that demonstrates tangible proof of learning and reflection on the learning. The student’s learning is assessed against course and/or program learning outcomes.

PLAR is available only to UFV students who are currently enrolled in credit courses or are eligible to register without being readmitted, and to applicants who have been admitted to a UFV program.

A student may be assessed for PLAR for a particular body of learning only once. PLAR is not permitted for courses previously taken at UFV or transferable courses taken at other post-secondary institutions.

Credits obtained through PLAR do not count towards UFV program residency requirements, and grades are not counted in the UFV grade point average.

Learn more about PLAR

To learn more about PLAR at UFV, see the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition policy (94) and contact the Advising Centre to discuss options further.

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