Technology programs

Future-proof your career

New automation technologies are rapidly changing the face of work.

While automated machines and robots may put many people out of work in the next 10 to 20 years, they will also create opportunities for tech workers with the skills needed to calibrate, maintain, and program these new technologies.

UFV offers a variety of technology programs to help you launch your career in this new area of growth:

Electronics Technician Common Core

Earning an Electronics Technician certificate can open wide-ranging employment opportunities nationally and globally or further studies to earn a specialization by earning an Automation and Robotics diploma or Digital Manufacturing diploma.

Learn to install, troubleshoot, and fix electronic equipment to prepare for an entry-level technical service position with manufacturers or retailers of electronic equipment, scientific equipment service centres, telecommunication centres, instrumentation service centres, business equipment centres, cable companies, power utilities, commercial sound companies, and more.

Automation & Robotics

UFV's Automation and Robotics program fully equips you to maintain, repair, calibrate, and support the automation equipment used in a wide variety of industries. In addition to building up your troubleshooting and repair skills, you also develop the ability to support engineers with technical assistance in designing and improving automated robots and systems.

If you have already earned your  Electronics Certificate at UFV or elsewhere, consider entering UFV’s cutting-edge Automation and Robotics diploma program to diversify your employment opportunities or bridge into an engineering program.

Engineering Physics diploma in Mechatronics

Mechatronics engineers and technologists marry mechanical, electrical, electronic, and software systems to create smart technologies for a wide range of use.

UFV’s Physics Engineering diploma in Mechatronics can teach you how to connect the sensors, software, and circuits needed to control the emerging technologies that will improve our world. This advanced diploma provides you with a strong theoretical grounding in physics combined with hands-on courses in mechatronics.

Digital Manufacturing — starts September 2020

With the advent of automation, 3D modelling, 3D printing, and precision cutting, creative possibilities are multiplying in the manufacturing industry.

Whether you are new to the manufacturing field or a seasoned hand who needs to upgrade your skills, the UFV's Digital Manufacturing diploma equips you with the know how to work in a high tech shop. You explore the techniques needed to harness evolving technologies and create innovative products made of smart materials.