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Floral Design certificate

This certificate program offers students in-depth, comprehensive training designed to prepare them for employment in the floral industry. Along with a significant theory component, the program is practical and current in terms of course content and relevancy to the field. Emphasis is on mastering the correct mechanics and basic shapes of floral design using fresh, treated, and dried floral products. Some advanced techniques will also be covered. The 207-hour program consists of six modules. There is a $25 graduation fee when applying for the certificate.

Entrance requirements

  1. Grade 12 or equivalent, or 19 years of age and out of school a minimum of one year.
  2. Strong written and verbal English skills (equivalent to intermediate/advanced levels in Upgrading and University Preparation).
  3. A preliminary interview with the instructor.

Student evaluation

Students will be evaluated for each module in the program on classroom participation and assignments, and by both written and practical examination. Students must achieve a 75% grade and maintain 90% attendance in each module to receive the certificate.


The grading procedure for this program is based on UFV's Grading System policy (101). Letter grades are awarded and official transcripts are issued upon completion of the entire program.

Challenge policy

Students challenging components are required to pay the full tuition fee prior to taking the challenge exam. (Based on UFV's Course Challenge policy (106).)


In addition to classroom and practical activities, students will be required to study and prepare some assignments outside of class for approximately 3–5 hours per week.

For more information

Contact or call 604-847-5602.

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