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Communications minor

This section specifies the Communications minor discipline requirements only. Please refer to the specific degree section for information on additional requirements.

Lower-level requirements: 12 credits

Course Title Credits
CMNS 125 Communicating Professionally to Academic and Workplace Audiences 3
CMNS 235 Public Speaking 3
CMNS 251 Professional Report Writing 3
One of:   3
CMNS Any additional lower-level CMNS course  
GD 222 Design Inquiry: Ethos (formerly MEDA 222)  
GD 260 Graphic and Digital Design I  

Upper-level requirements: 15–20 credits

Course Title Credits
One of: 3–4
CMNS 325 Writing for the Sciences and Technologies  
CMNS 351 Formal Research Report Writing  
CMNS 360 Advocacy Writing  
CMNS 465 Grant and Proposal Writing  
One of: 3–4
CMNS 412 Communications Practicum  
CMNS 430 Communication for Project Management  
CMNS 490 Directed Studies in Communications  
GD 369 Professional Practices for Graphic Design  
Three of: (see Note 1) 9–12
CMNS Any additional upper-level CMNS courses  
GD 317 Graphic and Digital Design II (see Note 2)  
GD 469 Design Inquiry: Practice (formerly MEDA 469)  
MEDA 350 Critical Studies in Digital Media  

Note 1: Up to three upper-level CMNS courses may be used to meet this requirement.

Note 2: Students may use only one of CMNS 375 or GD 317 toward the Communications minor.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

A maximum of two upper-level courses for the minor may be completed through Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). Credits obtained through PLAR do not count towards UFV program residency requirements, and grades are not counted in the UFV grade point average. See UFV's Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition policy (94) for more information.


Students must complete at least 50% of the courses required for the minor at UFV, including at least three of the required upper-level courses.

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section. Communications courses are offered in online, hybrid, and face-to-face formats. Students should check the timetable before registration to choose sections offered in a manner that suits their preferred learning style.

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