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Early Modern Studies certificate

This five course, 17-19 credit certificate is designed for those who wish to understand the early modern period (roughly 1350-1789) from an interdisciplinary perspective. The certificate encourages students to make connections among literature, art, theatre, philosophy, and history in this period. It also allows critical reflection on the label "early modern," seen in a global context. It will be useful for those who teach related subjects at school, for those planning graduate study in a related discipline (including museum studies), and for those whose work involves written and/or visual communication. With the development of the nation state, increased global interactions through trade and the beginnings of colonialism, print culture, increased literacy, changes in mapping, philosophical and religious changes, and a new level of reflection about autobiography and the self, the early modern period is crucial to the present moment.

Entrance requirements

B.C. secondary school graduation or equivalent or minimum of 19 years of age before the first day of

This certificate is intended for students who wish to complete it at the same time as they pursue another
program, but students may be admitted directly if they choose. Students must ensure that they meet course prerequisites.

Applicants must meet the Entry-level English language proficiency requirement. For details on how this requirement may be met, see the English language proficiency requirement section of the calendar.

When to apply

Students are encouraged to consider completion of this certificate early in their UFV program, in order to plan their program appropriately, and to benefit from the meaningful, coherent cluster of knowledge and skills constructed via the certificate. Students may apply to graduate from this program at any time after completion of the requirements, or at the same time as they graduate from a degree program at UFV.

Fees and additional costs

See the Fees and Other Costs section. Other than the $25 graduation fee, there are no additional fees for the certificate.

Program requirements

Five courses (17-19 credits) are required.

Required course

Course Title Credits
HIST 208 European History, 1300-1789: The Rise and Decline of the Ancien Regime

Elective courses

Four additional courses are to be chosen from the list below. Courses must be chosen from at least three different disciplines, and at least two courses must be upper-level.

Course Title Credits
AH 311 Studies in Renaissance Art 4
AH 312 Studies in Baroque Art and Architecture 4
ENGL 216 Introduction to Shakespeare 3
ENGL 205 Early Modern English Literature 3
ENGL 226 Renaissance Literature in Translation 3
ENGL 254 Women’s Writing 1000 to 1660 (previously offered) 3
ENGL 309 Topics in Renaissance Literature 4
ENGL 310 Early Modern English Drama 4
ENGL 312 Shakespeare 4
ENGL 316 Milton 4
ENGL 318 Major Authors of the Restoration and Eighteenth Century 4
ENGL 319 The Eighteenth-Century Novel 4
ENGL 403C Seminar in Literature (Shakespeare) 4
HIST 208 European History, 1300-1789: The Rise and Decline of the Ancien Regime 3
HIST 211 England from 1066-1688: An Emerging Nation-State (formerly HIST 109) 3
HIST 261 Latin America: The Colonial Experience (previously offered) 3
HIST 308 European Culture and Ideas, 1400-1789 (previously offered) 4
HIST 309 Witches, Whores, and Midwives: Women in Early Modern Europe (previously offered) 4
HIST 311 The Reformation 4
HIST 358 African Slavery and the Americas 4
HIST 412 Louis XIV and His Court at Versailles 4
HIST 414 Tudor-Stuart England 4
POSC 312 Order, Liberty, and Equality: Western Political Thought from the 17th Century to 1900 3
PHIL 251A Rationalism and Early Modern Philosophy 3
PHIL 251B Empiricism and Early Modern Philosophy 3
THEA 315 Shakespeare in Performance 4
THEA 399 Intermediate Practicum in Theatre 4
THEA 499 Advanced Practicum in Theatre 4


Students are required to take at least three courses through UFV.

Undergraduate continuance

Students enrolled in undergraduate courses (courses numbered 100 or above) must maintain an undergraduate Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 2.00 to remain enrolled in Good Academic Standing at UFV. Students in Good Academic Standing will have no registration limits placed on them. Failure to meet the minimum CGPA requirement will result in restrictions on registration and may eventually lead to academic suspension from undergraduate studies at UFV. Students on Academic Warning or Academic Probation are limited to registering in 10 credits. For further details, see the Academic standing and undergraduate continuance section of the academic calendar. Academic standing is governed by UFV’s Undergraduate Continuance policy (92).

Graduation requirements

Students are required to have a completion GPA of at least 2.33 in the courses counted toward the certificate.

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.

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