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Spanish Language and Culture minor

The Spanish Language and Culture minor can be applied to a number of degree programs. This section specifies the minor requirements only. Please refer to the appropriate Bachelor degree for information on additional requirements.

This minor offers students the opportunity to acquire the language, cultural skills, and intercultural competence needed to interact appropriately within diverse social and cultural contexts in the Spanish-speaking world and enables students to use Spanish in their academic and career plans. Designed to be international and interdisciplinary, the program draws on courses from Latin American Studies, Global Development Studies, and other programs where Spanish is a valuable skill. The program includes opportunities for experiential learning through study abroad, and practicum courses that allow students to gain international experience and become global citizens.

Students graduating with a Spanish Language and Culture minor will have attained a CEFR C Level, Proficient User designation, an international standard of language ability established by the Council of Europe.

In addition to the requirements for their degree program, students declaring a minor in Spanish Language and Culture will be required to complete the following courses.

Lower-level requirements: 15-18 credits

Course Title Credits
SPAN 101 Spanish Language I 3
SPAN 102 Spanish Language II 3
SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I (see Note) 3
SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II (see Note) 3
One of:   3-6
SPAN 280 Intermediate Spanish Practicum I  
SPAN 281 Intermediate Spanish Practicum II  
LAS 100 Images of Latin America  
LAS 161/ HIST 161 Aztecs, Mayas, and Spaniards  
LAS 162/ HIST 162 Soccer and Song in Latin America  
LAS 200/ SOC 200 Social Issues in Latin America  
LAS 206/ ANTH 206/ MACS 206/ SOC 206 The Politics of Art in Latin America  
GDS 220/ ANTH 220 Anthropology of Globalization and Development  
GEOG 233K Geography of a Selected Region: Mexico Study Tour  
SOC 250/ GDS 250 Sociology of Development – The Global South  

Note: A minimum grade of C+ in SPAN 201 and SPAN 202 is required.

Upper-level requirements: 20 credits

Five upper-level courses are required, including SPAN 301 and SPAN 302. The remaining three must come from the two upper-level course lists below; students are required to complete at least one course from each list.

Course Title Credits
SPAN 301 Advanced Spanish I – Oral Communication 4
SPAN 302 Advanced Spanish II – Composition 4
At least one of: 3-6
SPAN 320 Special Topics in Spanish Language  
SPAN 330 Special Topics in Hispanic Culture  
SPAN 340 Spanish Translation  
SPAN 350 Spanish Immersion  
SPAN 380 Advanced Spanish Practicum I  
SPAN 381 Advanced Spanish Practicum II  
SPAN 493 Directed Studies in Spanish  
At least one of: 3-6
LAS 310/ ANTH 310/ SOC 310 Special Topics: Regional Studies in Latin America  
LAS 312 Special Topics: Latin American Cultural Topics  
LAS 357/ HIST 357 From the Big Stick to the CIA: The Troubled History of Inter-American Relations  
LAS 358/ HIST 358 African Slavery in the Americas  
LAS 359/ HIST 359 Problems in Latin American Regional History  
LAS 363/ ANTH 363/ GDS 363/ SOC 363 Processes of Development and Underdevelopment: Latin America  
LAS 442/ SOC 442 Religion in Latin America  
LAS 457/ HIST 457 Sexuality and Gender in Latin America  
LAS 458/ HIST 458 History of Indigenous Peoples in Latin America  
LAS 459/ HIST 459 Topics in Political and Social History of Latin America  
LAS 460/ HIST 460 State Terror, Human Rights, and the Politics of Memory in Latin America  
LAS 498 Directed Readings in Latin American Studies  
GDS 311/ GEOG 398/ SOC 398 International Internship (if in a Spanish-speaking country)  
GEOG 433A Advanced Geography of a Selected Region: South America  
GEOG 433K Advanced Geography of a Selected Region: Mexico and Central America  
POSC 481K Special Topics in Comparative Politics: Latin American Politics  

Note: Special topics courses related to Spanish language and culture are sometimes offered by different disciplines across the university, such as LAS 388/ANTH 388/SOC 388 (Minority Indigenous Peoples of the World) and LAS 463/ANTH 463/SOC 463 (Special Topics in Development Studies; discontinued). Students should seek approval from the Spanish program chair to use such courses to meet the requirements for the minor.

Graduation requirements

A minimum grade of C+ in SPAN 201 and SPAN 202, as well as a minimum cumulative GPA of
2.33, is required for graduation with a minor in Spanish Language and Culture.

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.

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