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Social, Cultural, and Media Studies

Media Literacy associate certificate

This three-course, nine-credit associate certificate is designed for those who wish to understand the basic structure and impact of the mass media in Canadian society. The program focuses on the essentials of how the media select and shape content, and the effects of these decisions on individuals and society. It will be useful to those who teach media literacy in elementary, secondary, or adult-education schools, and to those who must work with the media in their employment.

Employment opportunities

The Media Literacy associate certificate acknowledges to current and potential employers of UFV students that they have learned about how the mass media function, how messages are selected and distributed, and what is known about the effects of these messages.

This program offers a focused course of study in the media, easily obtainable, and useful to a variety of community members for the purposes of upgrading their teaching skills or knowledge for other employment, such as public relations or advertising. It is also potentially useful for those who wish to obtain a quick credential for job-seeking or other purposes as they pursue a minor or associate of arts degree in Media and Communications Studies. Employers in the community may wish to use the associate certificate as a way to develop the knowledge of employees in media relations.

Entrance requirements

Students currently enrolled in UFV post-secondary programs are only required to meet the course prerequisites.

Students who are new to UFV should follow the normal procedure for admission to the university.

Applicants must meet the Entry-level English language proficiency requirement. For details on how this requirement may be met, see the English language proficiency requirement section of the calendar.

How to apply

Apply online at

Fees and additional costs

See the Fees and Other Costs section.

Program duration

Normally between one and three semesters.

Program outline

Course Title Credits
Three of: (including at least one of MACS 110 or MACS 130) 9
MACS 110 Introduction to Communication Studies  
MACS 130 Introduction to Digital Media and Communications  
MACS 201/ MUSC 201 Popular Music and Society  
MACS 215 Advertising as Social Communication  
MACS 221 Media and Popular Cultures  
MACS 230 Cultural Industries in Canada  
MACS 235/JRNL 235 Introduction to Journalism in Canada  
MACS 240 Media, Money, and Power  

Undergraduate continuance

Students enrolled in undergraduate courses (courses numbered 100 or higher) must maintain an undergraduate Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 2.00 to remain enrolled in Good Academic Standing at UFV. Students in Good Academic Standing will have no registration limits placed on them. Failure to meet the minimum CGPA requirement will result in restrictions on registration and may eventually lead to academic suspension from undergraduate studies at UFV. Students on Academic Warning or Academic Probation are limited to registering in 10 credits. For further details, see the Academic standing and undergraduate continuance section of the academic calendar. Academic standing is governed by UFV's Undergraduate Continuance policy (92).


Students must complete at least two of the three courses at UFV.

Graduation requirements

Students must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.33 overall to obtain the associate certificate.

Students may use the associate certificate courses to satisfy requirements for any Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Business Administration, Social Work, or other UFV degree, and thus may achieve the associate certificate in conjunction with a variety of other credentials, particularly at the post-graduate level, if they are involved in teaching or working in an area that requires some knowledge of the media.

Students can apply for and receive the associate certificate retroactively.

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.

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