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Sociology/Anthropology major

This section specifies the major discipline requirements only. Information on additional Bachelor of Arts requirements begins in this section and includes the requirements for declaring a major. Please check the Bachelor of Arts residency section of the calendar for how many upper-level credits must be completed at UFV in order to graduate with this program.

Lower-level requirements: 18–19 credits

Course Title Credits
SOC 101 Introductory Sociology 3
ANTH 102 Culture and Society 3
Plus: One lower-level ANTH, LAS, MACS, SOC or WMST course (see Note) 3
Plus: An additional lower-level ANTH or SOC course 3
SOC 255/ ANTH 255/ MACS 255 Introduction to Social Research 3
One of: 3–4
STAT 104 Introductory Statistics  
STAT 106 Statistics I  
PSYC 110 Applied Statistical Analysis in Psychology  

Note: Students are advised to select lower-level courses that are prerequisites (or recommended courses) for the upper-level courses of interest to them. See the course descriptions section for more information.

Upper-level requirements: 32 credits

Course Title Credits
SOC 355/ ANTH 355/ MACS 355 Quantitative Research Methods (see Note 1) 4
or SOC 356/ ANTH 356/ MACS 356 Qualitative Research Methods  
SOC 350 Classical Sociological Thought 4
or ANTH 301 Theoretical Currents in Contemporary Anthropology (see Note 2)  
Plus: An additional 12 credits of upper-level SOC 12
Plus: An additional 12 credits of upper-level ANTH 12

Note 1: CRIM 320 or GEOG 252 may be substituted for SOC 355/ANTH 355/MACS 355.

Note 2: Students wishing to take ANTH 301 are advised that this course is generally offered every other year.

Note 3: No more than nine credits may be in the internship courses SOC 396/GDS 310/GEOG 396 and SOC 398/GDS 311/GEOG 398.

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