Academic Calendar Winter/Summer 2019

Social Work and Human Services

Bachelor of Social Work — Child Welfare specialization

The Child Welfare Specialization requires students to complete a practicum with the Ministry of Children and Family Development or a Delegated Aboriginal Agency; however, the School cannot guarantee a placement with either of these agencies as placements are based on agency capacity. Obtaining a placement with MCFD or a Delegated Aboriginal Agency is a competitive process and requires students to complete several steps.

Declaration requirements

  • Minimum BSW program GPA of 2.67
  • Enrollment in or completion of SOWK 300, SOWK 311, SOWK 312, SOWK 320, SOWK 394, SOWK 330, SOWK 380, and SOWK 392
  • Students meet with Academic Advisor to formally declare

Note: Graduating with the Child Welfare Specialization is dependent on the student successfully qualifying for and completing the Child Welfare placement.

Program requirements

For entrance requirements and other program details, please see the main Bachelor of Social Work section.

Program outline

Child Welfare specialization core requirements:

  • SOWK 110, 210, 225
  • SOWK 300, 311, 312, 320, 330, 380, 392, 394
  • SOWK 404, 410, 412, 430 (child welfare placement), 483, 491, 496

Third year

Semester V (Fall)

Course Title Credits
SOWK 300 Social Work Practice with Individuals 3
SOWK 311 Social Work Theory and Ethics 3
SOWK 312 Legal Knowledge for Social Work Practice 3
SOWK 320 Anti-Racist and Cross-Cultural Social Work 3
SOWK 394 Substance Misuse Issues 3
Elective Lower- or upper-level Arts 3
Total 18

Semester VI (Winter)

Course Title Credits
SOWK 330 BSW Practicum I 6
SOWK 380 Social Work and Community Development 3
SOWK 392 Aboriginal Social Work 3
Total 12

Fourth year

Semester VII (Fall)

Course Title Credits
SOWK 404 Research Methods and Evaluation 3
SOWK 410 Social Policy Analysis 3
SOWK 412 Legal Skills for Social Work Practice 3
SOWK 483 Family-Centred Social Work 3
SOWK 491 Child Welfare 3
Total 15

Semester VIII (Winter)

Course Title Credits
SOWK 430 BSW Practicum II 9
SOWK 496 Social Work and Critical Approaches to Disability 3
or SOWK 497 Social Work in Mental Health
Elective Lower- or upper-level Arts (see Note) 3
Total 15
Program Total 60

Note: A current list of Arts and Science courses is available at in the BSW Program Planning section.

Certificate in Extended Studies in Social Work — Child Welfare specialization

The Certificate in Extended Studies in Social Work — Child Welfare specialization is for students who have a Bachelor in Social Work degree, and wish to complete the equivalent of a Child Welfare specialization.

The number of applicants accepted to the certificate program will be based on the School's resources and assessment of students' needs, skills, and abilities.

For further details, see the Bachelor of Social Work — Child Welfare specialization core requirements or contact the Program Advisor.

Current Students