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Global Development Studies

In an increasingly interrelated world, the issues of one community or nation frequently cause serious repercussions for many others. Global Development Studies (GDS) tackles these issues head on. Students are taught to develop analyses of major social problems, particularly those of exclusion, inequality, and sustainability, and are encouraged to initiate and engage in transformative activities leading toward socially just development at community, national, and global levels. GDS students gain the intercultural skills and understanding that will make them better citizens in an interdependent global community.

The Bachelor of Arts in Global Development Studies is a broadly interdisciplinary program designed to equip students with the critical academic knowledge, skills, and experience required to function effectively as development professionals in Canada or abroad or to continue on to graduate or other professional studies.

The Global Development Studies minor and extended minor allow students to combine significant knowledge of global development with expertise in another field of study. Such degree combinations will help graduates to become development specialists within their chosen fields and may lead to international employment.

All GDS students are encouraged to participate in experiential learning opportunities at home or abroad.

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