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Global Development Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Global Development Studies degree

Global Development Studies (GDS) is an interdisciplinary program designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and experience required to function effectively as development professionals in Canada or abroad, or to continue on to graduate or to other professional studies.

The program requires a minimum of 120 credits, including a minimum of 45 upper-level (300- or 400-level) credits.

Entrance requirements

The BA in GDS has the same entrance requirements as the Bachelor of Arts degree at UFV. Please see the Bachelor of Arts degree entrance requirements.

When to apply

Applications are accepted for entrance to the Fall, Winter, and Summer semesters. For application deadlines, see Specific intake application process.

How to apply

  1. Apply online at

    Additional documents required for a complete application:

    • Official transcripts (or interim transcripts) from all post-secondary institutions attended (excluding UFV) showing grade/course achievement as per entrance requirements. To be considered official, transcripts must be sent directly to UFV from the originating institution; see the Transfer Credit section for details.
  2. Applicants will be advised of an admission decision and, if accepted, will be provided with registration information. A deposit is required prior to registration (see the Fees and Other Costs section) and will be applied toward tuition fees.

Basis for admission decision

Applicants who meet the entrance requirements will be admitted in order of their application date. This date is set when an application, all required documentation, and the application fee have been submitted.

Fees and additional costs

See the Fees and Other Costs section. Additional fees for course field trips and internship courses will apply to all students enrolled in Global Development Studies courses.

Program duration

The Bachelor of Arts in Global Development Studies program is normally completed within four years of full-time study, with students taking 10 courses per calendar year.


The majority of the courses in the program will be offered on the Abbotsford campus. All students are required to complete a practicum with an organization. Practicums can take place locally in Canada, remotely online, or abroad.

Program outline

Lower-level requirements

Course Title Credits
ECON 100 Principles of Microeconomics 3
or ECON 101 Principles of Macroeconomics  
GDS 100/ GEOG 109 A World of Development 3
GDS 204 Development in Sub-Saharan Africa 3
GDS 260 Gender and Global Development 3
POSC 230 Democracies and Authoritarian Regimes 3
or POSC 260 International Relations and Global Politics
One of: (see Note) 3
CMNS 125 Communicating Professionally to Academic and Workplace Audiences  
CMNS 175 Writing for the Internet  
ENGL 105 Academic Writing
GDS 220/ ANTH 220 Anthropology of Globalization and Development 3
GEOG 260 Global Goals Studio: Sustainable Communities by Design 3
One of: 3-4
ANTH 202 Ethnographic Toolkit  
BUS 204 Management of Non-Profit Organizations
CMNS 251 Professional Report Writing
GEOG 253 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Note: Students may also satisfy this requirement with an A or better in one of English Studies 12, English First Peoples 12, ENGL 091, or ENGL 099.

Upper-level requirements

Course Title Credits
ECON 398 Development Economics 3
GDS 340/ GEOG 340 Geographies of Development: Landscapes of Inequality 4
or GEOG 364 International Planning and Development Policy: Adapting to Climate Change  
GDS 320 Decolonizing Aid and Development 3
GDS 330/ ANTH 330 Humanitarianism and Complex Emergencies 4
or GDS 332 Refugees, Displacement, and Development  
GDS 370 Fundamentals of Global Health and Development 3
GEOG 396/ GDS 310/ SOC 396 Canada Internship 6
or GEOG 398/ GDS 311/ SOC 398 International Internship
IPK 344 Research in Action: Indigenous Meaning Making (formerly also offered as ANTH 344/SOC 344) 3
or POSC 300 Research Design and Methods  
One of: 3-4
ADED 420 Adult Education in the Global Context  
ANTH 367/ ENGL 367 Culture and Theory of Diaspora  
ANTH 388/ SOC 388 Global Indigeneity (formerly also offered as LAS 388)  
IPK 386 Braiding Indigenous Knowledges, Practices, and Worldviews  
PLAN 410 Indigenizing Planning: Indigenous Land Use and Community Planning  
POSC 321 Global Issues in Indigenous Politics  
POSC 324 Nationalism and Ethnic Politics  
SOCA 301 Race, Place, and Space: Creative Tools for Navigating Turbulent Times  
One of: 3-4
CRIM 335 Justice and Human Rights  
ECON 361/ GEOG 361 Environmental Economics  
POSC 325 Social Movements and Advocacy Groups  
POSC 330 Politics of Human Rights  
POSC 360 The United Nations and International Organizations  
POSC 368 Global Issues and Canadian Foreign Policy  
SOC 346 Environmental Justice  
SOC 348 Social Movements  
One of: 3-4
ADED 340 Program Planning and Evaluation  
ADED 446 Community-based Adult Education Methods  
CMNS 360 Advocacy Writing
CMNS 465 Grant and Proposal Writing
ENV 310 Leadership in Environmental Professions  
SOC 352/ POSC 352 Public Policy Analysis  
SOWK 380 Social Work and Community Development  
GDS 400 Global Development Seminar (see Note) 4

Note: Students must complete GDS 310/GEOG 396/SOC 396 or GDS 311/GEOG 398/SOC 398 before they can enrol in GDS 400.

Minors in other programs

Students may opt to use their electives to add a minor or extended minor in another discipline.

Program requirements

Program regulations, which include continuance and probation, course repetition, readmission, graduation requirements, and maximum length of time to complete program are the same as the corresponding program regulations for the Bachelor of Arts degree. Please see the Bachelor of Arts degree program requirements.

Undergraduate continuance

Students enrolled in undergraduate courses (courses numbered 100 or higher) must maintain an undergraduate Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 2.00 to remain enrolled in Good Academic Standing at UFV. Students in Good Academic Standing will have no registration limits placed on them. Failure to meet the minimum CGPA requirement will result in restrictions on registration and may eventually lead to academic suspension from undergraduate studies at UFV. Students on Academic Warning or Academic Probation are limited to registering in 10 credits. For further details, see the Academic standing and undergraduate continuance section of the academic calendar. Academic standing is governed by UFV's Undergraduate Continuance policy (92).


Students must complete at least 25% of the credits required at UFV. Therefore, 30 of the 120 credits in the degree must be completed at UFV. 15 of these credits must be at the upper level. Transfer credits and credits earned through prior learning assessment, including course challenge, do not meet this requirement. Please see UFV's Credentials policy (64).

Graduation requirements

Students are responsible for ensuring they are eligible to graduate, and should regularly consult with an Academic Advisor. To be eligible to graduate, students must have completed the program with a minimum program and cumulative GPA of 2.00.

Students must apply for graduation in the first month of their final semester. Visit the Graduation webpage for more information. The final deadline for students who wish to attend the June Convocation ceremony is April 1 of each year, with all program requirements completed by April 30.

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.

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