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Dental Office Receptionist certificate

The Dental Office Receptionist certificate program provides students with a combination of office administration skills and specialized dental knowledge. This program prepares students to become skilled dental office receptionists that are in demand in dental offices, dental supply companies, insurance companies, and dental labs.

Students learn from instructors with current industry knowledge on dental terminology, office procedures, appointment bookings, billing software, and insurance claims. This program combines classroom learning with a hands-on practicum to prepare students to support any dental team with their strong communication and administrative skills.

Students are expected to have foundational digital literacy/computer skills in order to be successful in this program. To gain employment in the industry, graduates may also be expected to have a minimum keyboarding speed of 30-50 words per minute.

Entrance requirements

  1. B.C. secondary school graduation or equivalent, or minimum 19 years of age before the first day of classes.
  2. Applicants must meet the Entry-level English language proficiency requirement. For details on how this requirement may be met, see the English language proficiency requirement section of the calendar.

When to apply

Applications are accepted on a continuous basis throughout the year. Qualified applicants are considered for the next intake in which there is space. See Continuous application process for more information.

How to apply

  1. Apply online at
  2. Applicants will be advised of an admission decision and, if accepted, will be provided with registration information.

Basis for admission decision

Applicants who meet the entrance requirements will be admitted in order of their application date. This date is set when an application, all required documentation, and the application fee have been submitted. In order to secure a seat, students admitted to the program must register in all applicable program courses.

Fees and additional costs

Please see the Continuing Education webpage for current fee information. See the Fees and Other Costs section for additional information.

Financial aid

Financial aid is available from a variety of sources. For more information, contact the Financial Aid and Awards office.

Program duration

The Dental Office Receptionist certificate is 360 hours and 4.5 months in duration.


The program is offered in a hybrid format, which may include online and in-person classes at the Clearbrook Centre in Abbotsford.

Program outline

Course Title Credits
DOR 01 Introduction to Administrative Dentistry 45
DOR 02 Office Communications 30
DOR 03 Introduction to Clinical Dentistry 75
DOR 04 Dental Treatment Coordination 60
DOR 05 Dental Office Accounting 45
DOR 06 Career Planning 30
DOR 07 Dental Office Receptionist Practicum 75

Practicum regulations

Students must successfully complete all courses with a minimum grade of A- to proceed to practicum.

When students qualify for practicum, UFV Continuing Education will assign them a practicum that provides them with meaningful work-like experience and exposure to the dental industry.

Practicum placements reflect the business practices of the practicum host, which includes placement during standard business hours. Transportation to the practicum site is students' responsibility and may require travel outside their community of residence. If a student refuses an assigned practicum site, they will need to find their own site and obtain departmental approval prior to the start of their practicum.

Please discuss any barriers that may affect practicum assignment with UFV Continuing Education immediately after registration.

Program continuance

Students must achieve a minimum grade of A- in each course to progress to the next course. Students who do not achieve the minimum grade may apply to repeat the course one additional time.

Course repetition

Requests for course repeats must approved by the Director of Continuing Education.


A student may apply for readmission after withdrawal. The student must meet the admission requirements for the program, including any specific readmission criteria, if they apply to return to the same program. Readmission to the same program is not guaranteed. Students who are readmitted to the program will be required to pay full program fees again.


The entire program must be completed at UFV.

Graduation requirements

To be eligible to graduate, students must successfully complete each course with a minimum grade of A- and receive credit (CR) for practicum.

See the Graduation section of the calendar for more information.

Course listings

For complete details on courses see the course descriptions section.

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