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English Honours, Creative Writing

This section specifies the honours discipline requirements only. Please refer to the Bachelor of Arts section for information on additional requirements.

Lower-level requirements: 18 credits

Course Title Credits
ENGL 105 Academic Writing 3
Plus: An additional 100-level ENGL course 3
Plus: Two 200-level ENGL courses, which can include ENGL 253 (see Notes) 6
Two of: 6
ENGL 208 Creative Writing: Screenwriting  
ENGL 211 Creative Writing: Playwriting  
ENGL 212 Creative Writing: Short Fiction  
ENGL 213 Creative Writing: Poetry  
ENGL 215 Creative Writing: Creative Non-Fiction  
ENGL 253/ THEA 250 Introduction to Storytelling in Indigenous, Theatrical, and Global Communities (see Note 2)  

Note 1: At least one of ENGL 201, 202, 223, or 253 is recommended.

Note 2: ENGL 253/THEA 250 can only be used to fulfill one requirement.

Upper-level requirements: 48 credits

Course Title Credits
Two of: 8
ENGL 301 Greek Epic and Drama in Translation  
ENGL 304 Topics in Medieval Literature  
ENGL 306 Chaucer  
ENGL 312 Shakespeare  
ENGL 316 Milton  
ENGL 318 Literature and the Enlightenment, 1660-1750  
ENGL 319 The Eighteenth-Century Novel  
Four of: 16
ENGL 302 Creative Writing: Advanced Short Fiction  
ENGL 303 Creative Writing: Historical Fiction  
ENGL 311 Creative Writing: Novel  
ENGL 313 Creative Writing: Advanced Poetry  
ENGL 315 Creative Writing: Children's Literature  
ENGL 373/ JRNL 373 Creative Writing: Advanced Creative Non-Fiction  
ENGL 378 Creative Writing: Advanced Screenwriting  
ENGL 381 Creative Writing: Advanced Playwriting  
ENGL 390 Creative Writing: Special Topics  
ENGL 405 Seminar in Creative Writing  
ENGL 490 Directed Studies in English (see Note 1)  
One of: 4
ENGL 356 Modern Canadian Prose  
ENGL 360 Topics in Canadian Literature  
ENGL 361 Canadian Drama  
One of: 4
ENGL 370 History of the English Language  
ENGL 376 Rhetoric: A Historical Survey  
ENGL 386 Figurative Language  
Plus: Eight credits of upper-level ENGL, excluding courses designated as creative writing (see Note 2) 8
ENGL 491 Honours Directed Reading (see Note 1) 4
ENGL 492 Honours Directed Essay (see Note 1) 4

Note 1: ENGL 490, 491, and 492 must be focused on a creative writing project.

Note 2: The following upper-level courses are designated as creative writing courses: ENGL 302, 303, 311, 313, 315, 373, 378, 381, 390, and 405.

Breadth requirements

The Canadian Literature requirement and the Global Literature requirement are completed as part of the 66 credits required for the Creative Writing Honours.

Course Title Credits
One of: 3–4
ENGL 240 An Introduction to Canadian Literature  
ENGL 253/ THEA 250 Introduction to Storytelling in Indigenous, Theatrical, and Global Communities (see Note)  
ENGL 354 Canadian Poetry and Prose, Beginnings to 1920  
ENGL 356 Modern Canadian Prose  
ENGL 358 Modern Canadian Poetry  
ENGL 360 Topics in Canadian Literature  
ENGL 362 Literature of British Columbia  
One of: 3–4
ENGL 228 Indigenous Literatures  
ENGL 245 Introduction to South Asian Literature  
ENGL 367/ ANTH 367 Culture and Theory of Diaspora  
ENGL 369 World Literature  
ENGL 380 South Asian Literature  
ENGL 384 Topics in South Asian Diaspora Literature  

Note: ENGL 253/THEA 250 can only be used to fulfill one requirement.

Other requirements

GPA requirements

A minimum GPA of 3.50, calculated on all English courses required for the honours program, must be maintained until completion of the program.

Language requirement

Students must demonstrate proficiency in another language. This may be accomplished by completing six credits of work with a minimum GPA of 3.00 in the department of Modern Languages (MOLA) at UFV or by submitting evidence of comparable achievement at a recognized post-secondary institution. The English Honours Committee may, in some cases, determine proficiency by administering a language proficiency assessment with the assistance of a qualified specialist in the language the candidate chooses for evaluation.

Course listings

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