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UFV welcomes new Writer-in-Residence

Meet Julia Dovey, the author of three novels including Lipstick Tattoo and Potatoes and Pink Vodka.

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Learn skills that are valued in every profession

When you study English or Creative Writing at UFV, you build the sought-after skills that are highly prized by employers everywhere. A Bachelor of Arts in English or Creative Writing can lead to careers in a variety of industries from marketing and business to journalism, research, and publishing. Learn where an English degree can take you and read success stories from successful UFV English graduates.

When studying English at UFV, you explore the rich tradition of English literature throughout history and sharpen your communication and critical thinking skills.

UFV offers four English major options within its Bachelor of Arts: in addition to the traditional English major in English Literature, the major is available with a concentration in Creative Writing, Drama, or Writing and Rhetoric. UFV also offers honours programs in both English and Creative Writing, and a minor and extended minor in Creative Writing and English.

As a student of UFV, you are invited to attend readings and lectures sponsored by the English department, consult with the visiting writer in residence, and write for the campus newspaper (The Cascade) or for the departmental literary journal (Louden Singletree).

UFV English graduates are able to understand, interpret, and respond effectively to a rapidly changing world and acquire communication, interpretive, and critical thinking skills, as well as cultural awareness. The study of critical writing teaches you how to organize your knowledge, express your thoughts and beliefs, and ask meaningful questions, equipping you for success both in work and life. 

UFV Alumni Taylor Johnson

I knew I could use my passion for English in a business environment. I'm really happy I studied the arts, I can't picture myself having studied anything else.

  • – Taylor Johnson
  •    HR Business Partner and Safety Coordinator, Plan Group Inc.
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