The UFV English department is committed to the study of literature in English from Middle Ages to the present. Students in English encounter the pleasures and the challenges of literature while developing lasting habits of reading, writing, and analysis. We offer a wide range of courses in literature, composition, linguistics, and literary theory, as well as specialized concentrations in Drama, Writing and Rhetoric, and Creative Writing. The skills and knowledge gained in the English major can lead to a variety of fulfilling careers

  • Literature courses provide grounding in major authors, genres and periods as well as a broad understanding of socio-cultural processes that shape indigenous, national, and transnational literatures. Students learn facility with the tools and methods of literary analysis and practices of research and effective writing.
  • Rhetoric courses teach traditional and current theory, and they offer varied practice in writing. Rhetoric students develop a foundational understanding of the situated, social nature of successful writing practices.
  • Creative writing courses integrate literary study with writing workshops in which students discuss their work with peers and their instructors. Collaborative workshops in poetry, playwriting and fiction allow students to make connections and learn from other writers.
  • Drama courses enhance students’ understanding of how language functions in theatre, examine a range of dramatic genres, consider how dramatic texts document and archive past performance practices, and contextualize theatre’s significance in historical and social movements. Our close relationship with the UFV Theatre department provides a deeper understanding of drama and its complex relationship with theatre. Students have the opportunity to attend, audition for, and work backstage at university productions.

All students at UFV may attend readings and lectures sponsored by the English department, consult with the visiting Writer in Residence, and write for the campus newspaper (The Cascade) or departmental literary journal (Louden Singletree).

Students in English Programs

  • Gain broad knowledge of the history of literary forms in English, including major genres, periods, movements, and authors.
  •  Appreciate cultural differences as represented in a range of indigenous, national, and transnational literatures.
  •  Learn different methods of literary criticism, including modes of formal, historical, and theoretical analysis.
  •  Become adept at research and the handling of secondary sources.
  •  Frame questions, analyze texts, evaluate evidence, explore differing perspectives, and develop arguments.
  •  Identify and practice the conventions and research methods of literary studies, and write in diverse genres for multiple audiences.
  •  Lead class discussions, collaborate with peers, and participate in class formally and informally. 


The English department teaches keen understanding and rigorous mastery of language. Our students become aware of the power of literature to engage the emotions and to focus ethical, social, and political concerns. They learn to recognize the connection between careful, nuanced reading and cogent, robust writing and argument. They also learn to frame questions, undertake appropriate research, analyze evidence, and develop compelling arguments. These experiences serve careers in education, publishing, law, politics, medicine, marketing, non-profit organizations, and the arts.

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