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English — Bachelor of Arts


Bachelor's degree

4 years

major, minor, extended minor, honours

How to apply

Start date:
January, May, September 

Abbotsford campus



  • Co-op semester(s) provide paid work experience in your field of study
  • Small class sizes and committed instructors provide you with an ideal environment to grow as a writer and thinker.
  • Program eligible for financial aid


Develop your thinking, reading, and writing skills — skills that are highly sought after by employers and applicable in a wide range of fields from marketing and business administration to education, journalism, and research with UFV's Bachelor of Arts in English.

UFV’s English program provides you with the ability to articulate complex ideas and research findings and the skills to analyze various texts and interpret iconic written works throughout history.

English major

There are four concentrations on which to focus your English major: Literature, Creative Writing, Drama, and Writing and Rhetoric.

  • Literature courses provide grounding in major authors, genres, and periods as well as a broad understanding of socio-cultural processes that shape Indigenous, national, and transnational literatures.
  • Creative writing courses integrate literary study with writing workshops in which you discuss your work with your peers and instructors. Learn various creative processes and techniques for poetry, playwriting, and fiction.
  • Drama courses enhance your understanding of how language functions in theatre. You explore a range of dramatic genres, consider how dramatic texts document and archive past performance practices, and contextualize the significance of theatre in historical and social movements.
  • Writing and rhetoric courses teach you how writing and language are used as tools by examining issues of meaning and usage of the English language. Learn how language serves as a call to action and how language acts — in itself, on the user, and on the community.

In your first and second year, you study and critique a variety of literature from the cultures and time periods that interest you. You can choose to delve into the challenging craft of creative writing, explore the evolution of theatre and drama throughout history, or analyze the structure and usage of the English language.

In your third and fourth year, you sharpen your critical analysis, writing, and research skills. You are able to establish richer relationships with your professors and peers as you participate in classroom discussions and analyze each other's writing.

By the end of the program, you have developed an appreciation and in-depth understanding of the major genres, periods, movements, and authors throughout literary history. You have gained the transferrable skills — such as critical inquiry, evidence evaluation, and the ability to explore different perspectives and develop arguments — that make you qualified and confident to establish yourself in a variety of fields.

View course requirements in the Academic Calendar:

English minor and extended minor

Studying English develops your problem-solving and critical thinking skills by fostering your ability to draw novel connections between ideas. Develop skills that are valued in almost every profession such as writing, reading, and research. These transferrable skills are sought after by many employers in a variety of industries such as business, communications, human resources, and publishing.

In your first and second year, you have a breadth of English topics to choose from such as: British and Aboriginal literature, creative writing and playwriting, poetry, the structure of the English language, and more.

In your third and fourth year, you hone in on topics that are interesting to you and further develop your skills as a writer, researcher, and critical thinker of not just famous pieces but of your classmates’ work as well. You learn how to give and receive constructive feedback and to view your work objectively.

With UFV’s minor or extended minor in English, learn to effectively write, problem-solve, and think critically.

Additional opportunities

Take an English Honours course. Honours courses prepare you for graduate studies and show that you are a hard worker who possesses research skills. Boost your competitive edge for graduate school and delve deeper into your own research interests.

Join UFV's creative writing club, CreWri. CreWri isn’t just for English or Fine Arts majors; as long as want to develop your creative writing skills and wish to join a group of people who are also writers, you are welcome to sign up. CreWri offers creative writing workshops, readings, and contests throughout the year. Visit CreWri on Facebook to find their latest news and upcoming events.

Get published in UFV's Louden Singletree Literary and Visual Arts Magazine. Created in 2008, the Louden Singletree is a student-based initiative, run each year, which aims to assemble the best literature and visual art from UFV, including submissions from students, faculty, staff, and alumni.


According to Workopolis, writing and communication skills are the top two most sought-after skills in Canadian job postings. This is no surprise: employers can teach hard skills; but what they need are creative, articulate people who can tell the stories that drive a company’s success.

In fact, people who are good with words are in demand: job-data firm Payscale highlights 14 types of jobs with income above $60,000 — all the way up to six-figure salaries — for which English majors are unusually likely to be hired. Some of these jobs are in traditional sectors such as editing, writing, and public relations. But the tech world is also hungry for creative talent. Tech firms are on the lookout for content strategists, web producers, and technical writers — all ideal jobs for English majors.

Ultimately, communication and critical thinking skills are relevant in every occupational field. UFV English program graduates have gone on to successful careers in education, publishing, broadcasting, law, politics, public service, business, and the arts in Canada and abroad.


The entrance requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree will apply to the English program.

View the Bachelor of Arts entrance requirements in the UFV Academic Calendar.


This program is open to international students


Students who do not meet the entrance requirements can upgrade in order to meet prerequisites for university classes.

Make an appointment with an Upgrading and University Preparation advisor to discuss your upgrading needs.


Students in the English program:

  • Gain broad knowledge of the history of literary forms in English, including major genres, periods, movements, and authors.
  • Appreciate cultural differences as represented in a range of indigenous, national, and transnational literatures.
  • Learn different methods of literary criticism, including modes of formal, historical, and theoretical analysis.
  • Become adept at research and the handling of secondary sources.
  • Frame questions, analyze texts, evaluate evidence, explore differing perspectives, and develop arguments.
  • Identify and practice the conventions and research methods of literary studies, and write in diverse genres for multiple audiences.
  • Lead class discussions, collaborate with peers, and participate in class formally and informally.


Phone: 604-864-4674
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Adam Simpson UFV English Alumni

The UFV English program helped me to gain an appreciation for a wide variety of literary genres, cultural and historical perspectives, and, of course, to find my own writing style. This solid educational platform helped me build a dynamic career; being able to communicate with clarity and impact are integral components of my job.

  • – Adam Simpson
  •    Project management advisor for the UN