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The online module, Building Strengths, is now available at Created in partnership with Nicola Valley Institute of Technology and UFV, this learning resource looks at how to make the classroom experience more accessible to students. Although it focuses on trades and technology fields, the learning gained from this module is applicable to any subject. It looks at universal design for learning, adapting practical spaces, cultural implications of disability, and inviting success. This module focuses on the whole student and provides strategies and tips for being more inclusive in our instructional practices. Those who complete the module will receive a Letter of Completion from Teaching and Learning that can be used in teaching dossiers.

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UFV PD Day was very successful this year with 294 attendees, 36 workshops to choose from and a wonderful protein salad buffet for lunch! Our keynote speaker was Jan Unwin, Superintendent of Graduation and Student Transitions with the Ministries of Education and Advanced Education. Her passion for student learning — with over 20 years of public sector school administration — has been part of several innovations to help provide students their best chance of success. To see the keynote address, please click on this link

Thank you and we look forward to PD Day 2017!

Magna Mentor Commons is a subscription based website that provides faculty with on-demand access to 20 Minute Mentor programs covering a broad range of faculty development topics.

For access to UFV's subscription to Magna Mentor Commons, please send an email to  We will send you a link to the UFV sign-up page along with an Authorization Code.  Access is free and unlimited to all UFV faculty.

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Upcoming BC Campus Events


March 22, 2016

T.E.L.L March: Flip it Good! Flipping the LMS with an Open and Collaborative Platform

April 4 - May 6, 2016 - Facilitator Learning Online (FLO)

May 9 - 20, 2016 - Facilitator Development Online (FDO)

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