Chemistry at UFV

‌‌‌Some knowledge of chemistry is essential in order to fully appreciate the world around us; thus chemistry is justifiably labelled by many scholars as “the central science”. Whereas chemistry is often required as a prerequisite for entry into some other field of study, e.g., medicine, pharmacy, veterinary science, or engineering, it is also an academically satisfying subject in its own right.

The job of a chemist can be varied, especially in today's high-tech world. Chemists are currently employed in seeking solutions to environmental problems such as acid rain, climate change and the depletion of the ozone layer; other chemists are involved in developing new drugs to combat diseases such as cancer and AIDS; while yet others work to produce new consumer products ranging from gasoline additives to mouthwash, from pesticides to perfumes, from “crazy glue” to biodegradable diapers. Who would not be fascinated by such a subject?

In your chemistry courses at UFV, you will study the fundamental principles of the discipline and will also learn how these principles are used to solve problems and develop new products for today’s consumer-oriented society. UFV offers a major and minor in chemistry as part of its Bachelor of Science degree program. Some students take lower-level chemistry courses as part of a science degree or as preparation for another program.

UFV chemistry graduates have gone on to enjoy rewarding careers in many areas including employment with hi-tech industries, in the biotechnology sector and government laboratories, or as chemistry teachers at the secondary-school level. A background in chemistry is also useful if you’re intending to pursue post-graduate studies in areas such as chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, pharmacy, veterinary science, or engineering. 

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