UFV’s degree program is a unique mid-career professional development program for people who are instructing, administering, developing programs, or providing educational support for adult learners. Most of UFV’s students enroll on a part-time basis and the degree offers students the opportunity to link both practical and theoretical coursework to the challenges they meet in their work setting.

The degree provides recognition of transfer credit, recognition of non-formal learning though a process of prior learning assessment and opportunities to challenge existing courses.

The degree program provides the flexibility to learn while you work. The combination of distance education and Web-X technology allow you to complete the program from anywhere in the world.

Degree Information Brochure

Entrance Requirements
Degree Requirements
Course Descriptions
Program Philosophy, Values and Goals
Where to start

Entrance Requirements

All applicants must meet one of the requirements in “A”; must complete “B”, must supply the required transcripts in “C”, and must meet Option 1 or 2 in “D”.

  1. All applicants must have one of the following:
  2. Applicants must satisfy the English language proficiency requirement. For details on how this requirement may be met, see English language proficiency requirement in the Admissions section of the calendar.
  3. Applicants must provide high school transcripts, and transcripts from all post-secondary institutions they have attended.
  4. Applicants meeting these standards may then apply for admission to the BA (ADED) under either Option 1 or Option 2.
  • a minimum grade of C+ over English 12 plus two Approved Grade 12 courses; or
  • the prerequisites for ENGL 105, and a minimum of C+ over three Approved Grade 12 courses; or
  • a minimum of 9 post-secondary credits, with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 2.0 on all university credits attempted.

Option 1

1. Applicants must have three or more years of demonstrable experience and development within the field of adult education. This may include experience and/or development in any of the following areas:

  • Teaching adults
  • Development of educational programs for adults
  • Administration of educational programs for adults
  • Counselling/advising adults
  • Providing educational support services to adult learners
  • Any other area related to the practice of adult education

2. Applicants applying under this option must submit a resume, and arrange for at least two letters of reference from workplaces or employers, addressing the applicant’s experience related to adult education. The letters of reference must be submitted in a sealed envelope directly to UFV Admissions and Records.

Admissibility will be assessed based on the information provided in the applicant’s resume, questionnaire, and the letters of reference.

Option 2

1. Applicants must have completed a diploma, 30-credit certificate, or associate degree from a recognized post-secondary educational institution.

2. Applicants must have a demonstrated interest in the field of adult education, ideally with a developing field of practice.

Admissibility will be assessed based on transcripts of previous educational experience and on the information provided in the applicant’s resume and questionnaire.

Students who do not meet these requirements might consider the Adult Education Studies program path.

Degree Requirements:

The BA in Adult Education requires completion of 120 credits with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 (C average).

To graduate with a BA Adult Education will have to complete 15 credits in Instructional Design, 27 credits in Adult Education Theory and Context, 9 Credits in Program Electives inside or outside of the program, and complete the 3 capstone courses.

Course Descriptions

To view complete course descriptions with prerequisites see the UFV Calendar.

Program Philosophy, Values and Goals

  • We are committed to a value position which places adult education amongst the means by which citizens may work toward a just and democratic society.
  • We advocate for a sense of social responsibility in program graduates.
  • We also see adult education as a means for personal advancement and satisfaction.
  •  We acknowledge the importance of the development in adult educators of a personal philosophy of practice.
  • We will nurture an appreciation of and a respect for the diversity of experience and views within the program's learning community.

It is our intention to create a learning environment which encourages informed critical perspectives in the analysis of issues in the field.

This will be achieved by:

  • Supporting the enthusiasm and enhancing the skills of program participants in order to encourage their participation in learning as a life-long enterprise.
  • Supporting continuous self-reflection as a key part of being a life-long learner.
  • Supporting the concept that students should take significant responsibility for their learning.
  • Program faculty work towards the development of diverse and innovative approaches to supporting adult learning.
  • Program faculty behave in a manner that is consistent with principles of adult education.

Where to Start

  1. Submit the application fee along with your UFV application for admission form to the Office of the Registrar (OReg). You can apply online or download an application form at ufv.ca/admissions/admissions/apply.
  2. Application forms are also available from any OReg or Student Services office, or directly from the Adult Education department office in Abbotsford.
  3. Attach the following documents:
     a. Completed questionnaire outlining work experience, prior training and education, and learning goals (available at ufv.ca/admissions/forms).
     b. Resume.
  4.  You will be advised of an admission decision.
  5. Following notification of admission to the program, students must contact the program advisor in order to create a program learning plan for their studies.
  6. Applicants seeking credit in the program for previous credentials or educational experience must obtain official transcripts from every post-secondary institution attended, and proof of any previously earned trades qualifications, certificates, or diplomas. To be considered official, transcripts must be sent directly to UFV from the originating institution; see the Transfer Credit section for details.
  7. Submit all other official documents directly to the UFV Admission and Records office.
  8. The Program Advisor will review these documents with you and create your plan of study. 
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