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Academic Integrity

In general, academic integrity means that the evidence of learning you demonstrate on exams and the work you do on assignments, papers and projects is genuinely yours, and not produced in a fraudulent manner. University learning builds on a foundation of knowledge from other people; learning how to use that knowledge,  recognize it correctly, and add your own perspective are the reasons you are here! It can be tricky to figure out, but if you use authenticity as your guiding principle and ask for help when you are uncertain of the best course, you will do fine!

The easy availability of material on the internet makes cheating and plagiarising easier than ever, but it also makes catching cheaters easier than ever. Be sure you know how to use material obtained on the internet correctly. Copying and using website material without citation is still plagiarism!

Students' Responsibilities

UFV students are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner, and will be held responsible for their actions, whether acting alone or in a group. Students must take responsibility for ensuring they meet the requirements for academic integrity and for avoiding academic misconduct.

Students who are uncertain if they are violating the Student Academic Misconduct Policy have an obligation to seek advice, preferably from their instructor. Further advice can be sought from Department or Program Heads and the Office for Academic Integrity and Appeals. A lack of familiarity with UFV policy or with the appropriate standard of academic honesty on the part of a student. does not constitute a defense against its application.

NOTE: This website is intended to provide students with general information only. Please refer to UFV Academic Misconduct Policy (70) for more details.

Avoiding Academic Misconduct

Many plagiarism and cheating offences begin when a student is feeling pressured and panicky due to an upcoming deadline and decides to 'cut corners' in order to complete work by that deadline. At that moment, it is important to remember that while handing in lesser quality work, or handing work in later, can certainly affect your grade, choosing to plagiarise or cheat will have significant and far-reaching consequences that are very serious. Cheating during an exam can occur for the same reasons.

Anytime you have a question about an action (e.g., Should I work with another person on an assignment? Should I share your paper notes? How should I cite a source? Can I copy from a website?), the best thing to do is ASK YOUR INSTRUCTOR FIRST. A quick email or a visit during office hours can help you understand the best choice to make and protect you against a misconduct offence.

Misconduct offences are taken very seriously at UFV as at all other academic institutions, and must be taken seriously by YOU. Whether you are caught or not, you will know if you acted fraudulently.

Penalties for Academic Misconduct

5.1. Penalties for academic misconduct may include but are not limited to the following:

5.1.1. A written reprimand
5.1.2. A requirement to complete the Academic Integrity Workshop offered by the
           Office of Academic Integrity and Appeals
5.1.3. Score of zero for the applicable assignment, exam, online posting,
           artwork, presentation, paper, project, or submission.
5.1.4. A grade reduction or no credit for the applicable course.
5.1.5. A recommendation to the President to expel the Student from the
5.1.6. Revocation of an award.
5.1.7. Revocation of a degree, diploma, certificate, or other academic credential.
5.1.8. Denial of admission or readmission to the University, and forfeiture of
           University awards or financial assistance.

5.2. All penalties for academic misconduct will be recorded with the Academic Integrity office.

5.3. No fees will be refunded to a student who is required to withdraw or lose credit for any class taken, or who is suspended or dismissed from any class or program as a result of a penalty for academic misconduct.

5.4. No student will be permitted to withdraw from a course to avoid incurring the penalty for academic misconduct.

5.5. A student under suspension from the University cannot receive transfer credit for courses taken in that time period at other institutions.

5.6. In determining the severity of the penalty for academic misconduct, the Dean or designate shall take into consideration any other instances of academic or non-academic misconduct.

Helpful links and resources for promoting academic integrity and preventing academic misconducts:


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