Printing and Photocopying

Transfer funds from chip to strip
As of September 2014, your Campus Card will be using the magnetic strip for printing and purchases, instead of the chip.

To transfer existing funds from the chip to the strip, visit the Campus Card office, S1101, in Abbotsford, or the Library circulation desk at the CEP campus.

Loading/reloading your Campus Card
Load your card with Cascade Cash for printing and photocopying; we recommend $5.00 to start so you're prepared to do emergency printing or to grab a quick coffee.

In Abbotsford visit the:

  • Bookstore - accepts debit, credit, and cash
  • Campus Card office - accepts debit, credit, and cash
  • Library - PHIL station accepts Cdn bills only, $5, $10, or $20's (no change is given)

In Chilliwack visit the:

  • Bookstore - accepts debit, credit, and cash
  • Library circulation desk - accepts debit, credit, and cash

Why did we change from chip to strip? To consolidate all card funds into one account called Cascade Cash which is easier for students to use. You can now use your card at other places on campus, including Tim Horton's, the Bookstore, and the cafeteria.

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