Fitness & Movement Enhancement Specialist

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Tuition Per Course
Duration 8-12 months (part-time)
Program Start Winter 2015
Campus Abbotsford & Chilliwack Canada Education Park
Days & Times Evenings and Saturdays

Get the advantage with Continuing Education Fitness and Movement Enhancement Specialist program. Unlike a basic personal training designation we offer additional courses to set you apart from the competition. Discover how to develop your home base business and assist clients with conditioning. This program is great for students looking to work with athletes, clients with injuries, and general population fitness enthusiasts.

Program Information

Our Fitness & Movement Enhancement Specialist certificate offers you flexibility to study the specific courses you need. All of the courses in this program may be taken individually or applied to the Fitness & Movement Enhancement Specialist certificate.

This certificate program is delivered through UFV’s Continuing Education department and consists of nine courses, excluding Standard First Aid which must be completed prior to completing this program.


If you plan to earn your Fitness & Movement Enhancement Specialist certificate, courses may be taken in this order: 

  • Fitness Knowledge
  • Weight-Training
  • Personal Training
  • Health and Wellness Industry Professionals: Building a Home-Based Business
  • Essentials of Fitness and Movement Assessment
  • Essentials of Shoulder and Upper Extremity Conditioning
  • Essentials of Core Conditioning
  • Essentials of Hip and Lower Extremity Conditioning
  • Functional Training 101

Course descriptions follow at the end of this page.

Additional fitness-related courses that are not part of the Fitness & Movement Enhancement Specialist certificate can be found here: Fitness and Wellness



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Course Descriptions

Fitness Knowledge (33 hours)
(HLTH KPE01 – Fitness Knowledge)
Fitness Knowledge acts as a prerequisite to other personal training instructor courses. This course will provide comprehensive information on how to keep yourself and others safely fit and well. Students will learn about the structure and function of bones, joints and muscles and the basics of human movement; exercise analysis and safety. Other topics that will be covered are basic nutrition, energy metabolism and the principles of training for improved cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance and body composition.

Weight-Training (30 hours + 10 hour practicum)
(HLTH KPE02 – Weight Training)
The aim of this course is to enable students to enhance their quality of life through active living. Through professional instruction and guidance, students will be introduced to the basic principles of strength and conditioning in order to enable them to continue with various options that relate to lifetime fitness. Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to incorporate physical activity into regular routines, leisure pursuits, and career requirements throughout life. Striving for an active, healthy lifestyle fosters personal growth and the ability to meet the challenges of society.

Personal Training (48 hours + 20 hours practicum)
(HLTH KPE03 – Personal Training)
This course is designed for meeting national certification requirements for personal trainers. Course topics include: health screening and fitness assessment; training principles; risk management; program design for disease prevention and health promotion; business and marketing skills; motivating the client; and the core competencies to work within Scope of Practice. Upon completion of this course, students will be eligible to take the Personal Trainer Skills Assessment and National Exam.

Health and Wellness Industry Professionals: Building a Home-Based Business (8 hours)
(HLTH KPE04 - Health and Wellness Industry Professionals: Buildiing a Home-Based Business)
Are you a health and wellness professional and/or personal trainer who wants to build and operate a successful home-based business? One of the biggest pitfalls for health industry professionals can be the building and maintenance of their businesses. This workshop is necessary to run a thriving home-based business. Course content addresses a variety of basic business topics including: whether to incorporate or not, the basics of liability insurance, identifying and targeting your audience, business plans, marketing your business (e-marketing, brochures, business cards and websites) and the power of networking. This course provides the tools to take you beyond physical fitness to fiscal fitness!

Essentials of Fitness and Movement Assessment (8 hours)
(HLTH KPE06 – Essentials of Fitness and Movement Assessment)
What is your client’s baseline level of fitness? How do you measure your client’s results? This workshop will further your assessment skills through several protocols to measure cardiovascular, muscular, and core fitness. Body composition, balance, and select health parameters will also be learned and practiced. Come prepared to learn, participate, and have fun building your assessment skills.

Essentials of Shoulder and Upper Extremity Conditioning (6 hours)
(HLTH KPE07 – Essentials of Shoulder and Upper Extremity Conditioning)
The shoulder joint is often classified as a ball and socket joint. Upon further inspection it is more like a ball and saucer joint. This gives this remarkable joint its great mobility. But with greater mobility comes a requirement for greater stability. Join Brian Justin, as we explore how to assess and train the shoulder for optimal functioning. This course will progress from post-rehab of common impairments seen in the recreation environment to occupational and sport performance. Come ready to learn, move, and have some fun.

Essentials of Core Conditioning (7 hours)
(HLTH KPE08 – Essentials of Core Conditioning)
This course will discuss the function of the core as it relates to weight-training and prevention of low back pain. There is a lot of controversy over how to set the core, what exercises to perform to enhance function, and how to assess core function from a physical fitness appraisal standpoint. The course will begin with a discussion of functional anatomy of the core and how to sift through the different viewpoints with the end result of you being able to figure out your own approach to core training! Following this discussion an extensive amount of time will be devoted to learning various assessments of core function, corrective and performance exercises to increase core and movement function, and program design.

Essentials of Hip and Lower Extremity Conditioning (7 hours)
(HLTH KPE09 – Essentials of Hip and Lower Extremity Conditioning)
This course will discuss the hip and knee as it relates to weight-training and prevention of low back and knee pain. The student will learn how to assess hip and lower extremity function from a physical fitness appraisal standpoint, understand functional anatomy of this region, learn effective corrective and performance exercises to improve lower extremity function, and end with a discussion on program design.

Functional Training 101 (8 hours)
Course description under development.

updated August 14, 2014

UFV Continuing Education Brochure Fall 2014

General Information:

Become a fitness and movement enhancement specialist

Start a career in the fitness industry: learn how to assist injured clients with rehab, athletes with training, and fitness enthusiasts with exercise or weight loss.

Start January 2015

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