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Engineering Transfer Program


Welcome to the Engineering Transfer Program at the University of the Fraser Valley. The Engineering profession is critical to the well-being of society. Engineers are responsible for the design and standards of almost every product in our lives. An Engineer is frequently responsible for millions of dollars and the lives of many people. For these reasons, the Engineering profession is regulated in much the same way as the medical profession. The profession is organized in a way to try and ensure only competent people are permitted to practice.

Engineering is the application of scientific principles to practical problems. Engineering students must display both technical expertise and the work ethic needed to protect society. Engineers are expected to be able to know what will be important in the use of a product, how to model it mathematically, how to optimize the performance, and how to provide detailed instructions for those that will produce the product. Since Engineers must also be efficient and pay close attention to detail, Engineering programs are designed to be tough and have high standards. In order to succeed, students must not only have scientific and technical ability, but also develop superb organizational skills, strong self-discipline, and a clear communication style, as well as scientific ability. The program is tough because an Engineer who does not have all these skills is dangerous to the general public.

There are many advantages to doing your first year of Engineering at UFV. Most important is that UFV is a teaching-oriented institution: it has smaller classes than the major universities; students have direct access to their instructors for help and advice; and we have more first year lab contact time than most other institutions. Most students also live at home and save themselves the time often lost to commuting and maintaining their own apartment. All these contribute to a more efficient use of your time for learning. First year Engineering is essentially the same at all universities and colleges in BC (though there are some exceptions), and students must choose the institution they feel will give them the best chance at getting the high grades needed to get into second year Engineering. UFV is an excellent choice for achieving this.

Peter Mulhern (BSc, MSc, Ph.D.)
Head of the Engineering Transfer program

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