State-of-the-art Optitex 2D/3D software

Bring your designs to life

Optitex,a specialist in 2D and 3D CAD/CAM fashion design software, allows the user to virtually produce a garment using both flat patterns and 3D technology.  Designers will see a computer generated 3D image of clothes in motion on a virtual runway while at the conceptual stage. The virtual fashion show feature transforms 2D designs into a moving 3D image on a virtual model. This enables designers to see the look of the finished garment, analyze fabric behaviour, and see how the design moves on the body. 

Software features:

  • "True to Life" fabric simulation system
  • Patterns can be easily draped on one of several models included in the software program
  • "Time to Market" dramatically reduced
  • Material waste eliminated with fewer samples
  • Produces high-quality products because of precise virtual fitting
  • Excellent tool for sales and marketing
  • Simulates all pre-production activities related to fitting, visualization, texture and colour variation
  • Optitex new animation technology has also sparked interest in the gaming and movie industry.



Fashion Show Poster 2105

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