Great War Day:

Local Experiences and Legacies

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Free Admission

On the centenary of the first Canadian military expedition to the battlefields of Europe, the University of the Fraser Valley’s Great War Day: Local Experiences and Legacies provides an exceptional opportunity to learn about the Fraser Valley’s connections to the First World War through the display of memorabilia, historical artifacts, military or civilian representations, local memories and commemorative projects (e.g., whether personal, academic, public or museological); and to understand and appreciate the local legacies of the war by way of reflective exhibits, artistic or creative works, and academic interpretations.  Our mission and purpose of this event is to learn about the war through the experiences of those who lived through it, at home and away, and to encourage critical reflection on the causes, conduct, and consequences of this catastrophic and transformative event.

At the Great War Day, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about how diverse groups of people in the Fraser Valley participated directly or indirectly in the First World War;
  • Learn about the immediate and longer term impacts of the war on local life; and
  • Share with other Fraser Valley residents and communities your personal or familial reflections on the impact and legacies of the war           


Memorabilia Exhibition

The University of the Fraser Valley invites you to share your family memories and memorabilia. Bring along your treasured family artifacts – photographs, military items, ephemera – to display. Experts will be on hand to help make sense of the strange and inexplicable. 

Interested in participating as an exhibitor? Read our guidelines and fill out the registration form available by clicking the link below.

Exhibition Guidelines and Registration Form

Pre-registration deadline has passed. If you would still like to participate, contact Angie.


Great War Day Events

Along with the Memorabilia Exhibition will be displays from local museums, archives, private collectors, and presentations by UFV History students and faculty. Join us as well for a series of talks on the First World War throughout the day.

10:30 Opening Ceremony Gym
10:45 Soldier’s Diary Reading Aftermath
  Scenes from ‘The Battle of the Somme’ 1916 Gym
  WWI Knitters Gym
11:00 Susan Fisher – ‘Canadian Children and the Great War’ (mini-lecture) Aftermath
11:25 Paul Ferguson – ‘Chilliwack’s Great War’ (mini-lecture) Aftermath
12:15 Birdsong (play) Gym Stage
12:50 Prabhjot Parmar – ‘Who is Remembered? The Indian Connection’ (mini-lecture) Aftermath
1:20 Steven Schroeder – ‘Possibilities for Peace in 1914’ (mini-lecture) Aftermath
1:40 Geoff Carr – ‘Memorial Design and Social Memory’ Aftermath
2:00 Choral WWI Music Gym Stage
3:00 Chris Leach – ‘Trench Warfare: Expectations versus Reality’ Aftermath
3:30 Scott Sheffield – ‘Canada Marches off to War’ Aftermath
All Day

Memorabilia Exhibition: Displays from local museums, archives, collectors, and families.



For More Information

E-mail: Angie at

Phone: 604-557-4075

Facebook: UFV's Great War Day 2014 

More information and a schedule of these events will be coming soon!








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