Global Citizenship Grants

Global Citizenship Grants (GCG) are designed to support UFV student-led events, activities, projects, training sessions or other appropriate ventures that encourage the UFV student body to be Global Citizens and, in turn, contribute to the internationalization of UFV campuses. 



GCG Supported Events - Fall 2014

Event Name Student Group(s)
1. Chinese New Year Chinese Students and Scholars Association & UFV India
2. Ehsaas- Film Screening South Asian Peer Network Assocation (SAPNA) & UFV India


Event/Activity/Project Eligibility Criteria

  • Highlight a particular world event and/or a global political, social, economic, environmental or cultural issue
  • Present diverse perspectives on the topic from special guests, experts from UFV and/or the community-at-large 
  • Encourage multiple ways of learning, sharing and interacting between cultures
  • Bring awareness and support volunteer work or assistance in global civic organizations
  • Encourage action towards a social issue at the local level could have impact on a global level



  • Applications must be from a minimum of two SUS ratified student associations or clubs. Applications will be considered from associations or clubs that have registered with SUS but are pending approval. SUS ratification must be gained in the semester the GCG is applied for the application to be funded.
  • Check out the SUS Clubs and Associations Handbook!
  • Each application must have a primary and a secondary applicant from at least two of the associations or clubs involved.
  • Applications must justify  the event/activity/project contributes to at least three of the Global Citizenship Grant eligibility criteria
  • Applications must justify the event/activity contributes to at least two of the UFV Institutional Learning Outcomes.
  • Funded events, activities, projects, training sessions or other appropriate ventures must take place on a UFV campus.
  •  All events/activities/projects being applied for must be approved or pending approval through the UFV-SUS Student Event Proposal
  •  All events/activities/projects must be not-for-profit.

Quick Facts

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