UFV integrated planning enables coordination of activities throughout the university. This approach to planning incorporates the provision of scope and direction for individual plans. UFV intergrated planning structure includes the overarching Strategic Plan (2010-2015), Foundation Plans, without which the function of the institution may be hindered, and further Strategic Initiatives. The timing and coordination of the planning cycle ensures consultation, collaboration and integration of multiple values in all university activities.



Strategic Plan

UFV Strategic Plan 2010 to 2015: Changing Lives, Building Community
The UFV Board of Governors officially adopted the institutional Strategic Plan on April 8, 2010. This plan provides the framework for the growth and evolution of UFV over the next five years and beyond. The Plan includes our vision, mission statement, and values.  


Foundation Plans

UFV Education Plan 2011 to 2015 (Provost and Vice-President, Academic)
Adopted in 2011 and updated in 2012, the Education Plan addresses topics of Students and Community. Specific goals and objectives of individual faculties

UFV Budget and Financial Planning(Chief Financial Officer)
UFV Budgets follow accountability principles and undergo an annual review.

UFV Human Resources Strategic Plan (2012 Draft) (Associate Vice President, Employee Services)
The Plan identifies the principles and objectives for the workplace - for an "inclusive, vibrant and engaging work environment".

UFV Institutional Accountability Plan and Report  (Associate Vice President, Institutional Research and Planning)
Annual Accountability Reports to the Governement, these documents also set the strategic objective focus for the next planning cycle.

UFV Capital and Facilities Plan (Executive Director, Campus Planning)
Apdated annually, the plan summarizes capital and facilities planning directions over the coming year. The plan aims at improving campus and classroom experience for students as well as strives for environmental sustainability.

Student Engagement and Success (Vice President, Students, and Vice President, Academic)Students are at the core of the university, and their success at UFV is fundamental to all Plans. The Plan lists strategies and goals for enhancing student engagement.


Strategic Initiatives

UFV Strategic Research Plan 2010-2015 (Associate Vice President, Research & Graduate Studies)
Revised in 2012, the Plan lists UFV research priorities and topics within them.

Indigenizing Our Academy: Strategic Planning Indigenous Post-Secondary Education at UFV(Aboriginal Community Council)
Developed in 2007, the Plan provides guidelines on incorporating indigenous values and principles at UFV and addressing the unique educational needs of Aboriginal students and their communities.

UFV Online in 2017 (Director, Teaching and Learning)
The Strategic Plan sets the direction for having each UFV course offered online.

This strategic initiative is reflective of the goal to "...bring the world to the Fraser Valley and the Fraser Valley to the world" and to pursue revenue generating opportunities for future growth.


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