BC Secondary Schools Math Contest

» UFV Contacts: Ian Affleck and Pat Cruickshanks

» Email: math.contest@ufv.ca (Ian or Pat will reply!)

» Contest Overview (click to view)

» Contest Dates for 2014:

  • Preliminary round: Wed, Apr 2 at participating high schools
  • Final round: Fri, May 2 at UFV Abbotsford campus

» Communication about the 2014 Contest:

» Provincial Archive of Previous contests with solutions (1999-2013)

2010 Contestants display their contest T-shirts.

The UFV Department of Mathematics and Statistics is grateful to the University of the Fraser Valley and the Canadian Mathematical Society for their financial support towards our hosting of the BC High Schools Math Contest.

2013 Contest - Results

2012 Contest - Results

2011 Contest - Results

Winners of the annual T-shirt puzzle-solving contest receive their prizes (2011)

2010 Contest - Results

UFV's Anna Kuczynska builds origami with some high school students at the 2010 contest.

2009 Contest - Results

Danielle Konrad and Koos Van Nieuwkoop receive a round of applause for their play about a controversial correspondence between two mathematicians in the 18th century, performed at the 2009 contest.
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