Changes to your MFD’s…don’t panic!

Over the next 5 weeks your MFD (Multi-Functioning Device) will be swapped out with new technology.  Prior to installation, the departmental designate in your area will be notified personally of the changes. 

On the day of installation there will be a Xerox rep to answer any questions.  We have video instructions below for easy instructions on each of the new units. There will also be a series of brief, hands-on workshops available to aid in the transition.  I am assured that the transition to the new machines will be seamless. 

Installation Date:               Current Unit                         New Unit

Thursday May 15th            Xerox     3635                      Xerox 3635 (Colour)

Tuesday May 26th - 30th   Xerox     wc7232                  Xerox 7225 (Colour)

Tuesday May 26th - 30th   Xerox     wc7345                  Xerox 7845 (Colour)

June 5,10 and 17th            Xerox     5632/5655            Xerox 5845, 5855 (Black and White)

Please call or email me if you have any queries

Cameron Roy  local 4522


Training videos for the new Xerox equipment

WorkCentre 5845/5855 – Black and White Devices

WorkCentre 7225 – Colour Device

WorkCentre 7845 – Colour Device for the following departments:







Phaser 3635MFPX

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