UFV upgrades to Xerox multi-function devices
Photocopying, faxing, scanning, printing, and 
emailing functions in a single, powerful, networked device

March 2009 -- UFV replaced its existing fleet of photocopiers over the course of a few months with new 'multi-function devices' that combine photocopying, faxing, scanning, printing and emailing functions in a single, powerful device connected to the UFV network. With multi-function capability, UFV will reduce the number of overall devices, improve service and support, and address environmental sustainability through reduced energy use and more efficient toner product and packaging.

What will I be able to do with these devices?
How was the vendor selected?
What changes will we see?
What were the objectives of this project?

What will I be able to do with these devices?
Highlights of the new capability include:

  • Receive faxes electronically:Faxes will arrive electronically and be sent to you via email. You will be able to save and send from your desktop, reducing paper and streamlining the process.


  • Scan to PDF:  Put your document into a multi-function device and ask it to create a text-searchable PDF file that you can save, email, or print at a later date or on another device somewhere else on campus.


  • Photocopy and print anywhere from your desktop:Instead of walking up and pushing a button on a photocopier, you’ll be able to send a document for copying from your desktop – wherever you are – and have it print to whichever machine you want – in Chilliwack, Mission, Hope, or Abbotsford!


  • Send to a secure mailbox at any copier:  If you have exams or confidential material, you’ll be able to send it to a multi-function device and secure it with a password. When you’re ready to print it, you’ll enter your unique password and print your copies.


  • Store files for future use:  Save your documents to the hard drive of the multi-function device and reprint as many times as you need. This is great for standard forms or documents that you print all the time.


  • Manage documents:   In the future, we will use the multi-function devices to save our important documents to a network drive that will archive them forever or for a specified period of time.

How was the vendor selected?
UFV encourages efficiency and sustainability in its acquisitions and through this process sought a supplier that would help UFV to reduce energy use. Vendors were evaluated on their ability to provide economical and environmentally responsible solutions. Vendors were pre-qualified through a Request for Information process held earlier in 2008 and were then invited to bid on a Request for Proposal. Vendors were required then to submit proposals that addressed a business model, technology, service level, point of sale (cash sales), and program administration. 

A UFV committee spent then during last year evaluating submissions and reviewing equipment capability and the impact on the environment while also seeking to achieve cost benefits for UFV.  Committee members included representatives from ITS, Faculty Services, Finance, Admissions and Records, Bookstore, Library, Print Services, and Purchasing.

Xerox Canada Ltd. and its local business office, WestX Business Solutions, were selected as the successful vendors.   Xerox was a clear winner and will provide a cost-effective, energy efficient and cooperative partnership agreement. UFV will also benefit from a donation of $10,000 in student scholarships, an annual rebate program based on usage, donations that include the needs assessment survey and ongoing annual assessments to ensure UFV is achieving optimum equipment utilization, opportunities to visit state of the art research and development centres, and access to high yield, sustainable paper products.
View a detailed PDF outlining all the extra value  that Xerox is contributing to this agreement.

What changes will we see?

  • Employees and students currently use a magnetic card system to purchase copies from lab printers and photocopiers. UFV will phase out the card readers with online print management software that will allow charges to be processed online through use of a unique ID number. 


  • Beginning April 3, 2009, a team of Xerox staff (with proper ID) will visit all UFV departments and do an inventory of equipment and ask questions about equipment use, placement and future needs.  The team will speak with staff and students to determine needs, conduct a web survey with staff and students, and establish the current equipment inventory.  After that, the UFV committee will have the information they need to recommend the proper level of equipment to support each area’s needs.


  • UFV also recently upgraded the equipment in Print Services to Xerox production copiers and will soon introduce a web submission program that will allow users to send their documents to Print Services from anywhere in the world.


  • Through a series of open houses and scheduled training sessions, UFV employees and students will receive training and information on the new technology and will be encouraged to provide feedback.

What were the objectives of this project?
These goals and objectives formed the basis of the evaluation process:

  • to research and recommend to Senior Management options and an implementation plan for multi-function/multi-purpose solutions for copying, printing, emailing, scanning, and faxing of documents.


  • to improve the ability of staff and students to obtain and manage copy/print/scan/fax/email functions in an affordable and effective manner.


  • to comply with the provincial government’s Climate Action Plan for the reduction of the carbon footprint as outlined in its appendices, which can be found at: http://www.livesmartbc.ca/attachments/appendices.pdf


  • to establish a working partnership with a vendor that is capable of a) assessing the university’s needs (professional services); and b) able to provide an equipment and software solution (multi-function/multi-purpose printing devices) that addresses UFV’s current environment and future needs. 


  • to contract for a minimum of five (5) years or up to ten (10) years with options for renewal.


Please contact Ramona Franzen, at ramona.franzen@ufv.ca or 604-851-6316. Other committee members can also provide insight into the process:  Bryan Wilkinson, Janet Allanson, Nicole Adams, and Kim Isaac.

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