Policies being reviewed or developed

      This page lists policies:

  • currently being reviewed or developed, and their position in the approval process
  • recently repealed for the policy manual
  • currently in the consultation process

      Please contact the Secretariat office if there are concerns about a particular policy or more information is needed.

Policies in the consultation process

As part of the policy consultation process the university community is welcome to review and submit feedback.

Adjunct Faculty policy (197) - revisions

» Memo - Adjunct Faculty policy
» Adjunct Faculty policy - revised - renamed as Adjunct Faculty, Research Associate or Visiting Scholar
» Adjunct Faculty policy - current

Please submit collaborative or individual feedback to Ken Brealey (ken.brealey@ufv.ca) by 4:00 pm on October 2, 2014.

Instructional Responsibilities (46) - revisions

» Memo - Instructional Responsibilities policy
» Instructional Responsibilities policy - revised
» Instructional Responsibilities policy - current

Please submit collaborative or individual feedback to Ken Brealey (ken.brealey@ufv.ca) by 4:00 pm on October 2, 2014.

Tuition and Other Fees policy - New

» Memo - Tuition and Other Fees policy
» Tuition and Other Fees policy - new

Please submit collaborative or individual feedback to Kasey Merritt (kasey.merritt@ufv.ca) by 4:00 pm on October 2, 2014

The following UFV policies have been approved, repealed, or are currently being reviewed or developed:

» Board of Governors
» Administrative
» Senate
» Joint - Senate and Board of Governors

Board of Governors





BRP-200.03 Board Policy on Academic and Corporate Seals and Coat of Arms of UFV Revised Published 03/06/2014
BRP-225.03 Board Policy on Acting President New Published 09/05/2013
BRP-200.04 Board Policy on Controlled Entities New Published 09/06/2012
BRP-200.05 Fulfilling Our Commitment to Aboriginal Peoples New Published 09/06/2012
BRP-201.02 Board Policy on Harassment, Discrimination and Physical or Emotional  Abuse Prevention and Resolution New Published 09/06/2012
BRP-220.02 Board Policy on Off-Campus Activity and Travel New Published  09/06/2012
BRP-220.01 Board Policy on Safe Disclosure New Published 03/01/2012
BRP-225.02 Delegation of Authority on Human Resource Development & Management Matters New Published 03/01/2012
BRP-235.04 Delegation of Authority on Academic Matters New Published 12/01/2011
BRP-205.05 Board Policy on Budget Process and Approval New Published 11/03/2011
BRP-205.02 Board Policy on Signing Authority Revised Published 10/13/2011
BRP-230.01 Board Policy on Student Union Society New Published 10/13/2011
BRP-235.03 Board Policy on Academic Excellence Awards New Published  06/17/2011 
BRP-225.04 Board Policy on Employee Contract Negotiations & Management New  Published  06/17/2011 
BRP-225.01 The Chancellor Revised Published 09/08/2011



Copyright Compliance (7) (formally known as Copyright) Revised Published 06/10/2014
Animal Care (51) Revised Published 11/18/2013
Occupational Health & Safety (219) New Published 06/11/2013
Space Management (220) New Published 06/11/2013
Use of University Space (132) Revised (formally Building Use) Published 02/26/2013
Workplace Violence Prevention (218) New Published 05/01/2013
Student Non-Academic Conduct (204)         New Published 12/09/2011
Signing Authority - Responsibilities (200) New  Published 09/06/2011

Registration – Student
Responsibility (78)

Repealed Removed from policy manual 04/01/2014

Exchange of Student Groups with Other Institutions (67)

Repealed Removed from policy manual 04/01/2014
Hearing (2) Repealed Removed from policy manual 04/03/2013
Building Use (replaced by Use of University Space 132) Repealed Removed from policy manual  02/26/2013
Review begun
Art Acquisition & Exhibition (4) Revisions Under review  
Student Awards (76) Revisions Under review  
Adjunct Faculty (197) Revisions Out for consultation  
Instructional Responsibilities (46) Review Out for consultation  
Tuition and Other Fees New Out for consultation  
Instructional Complaints New Under review  
Under consideration
Academic Program and Unit Reviews (189) Review Under review by Dean's Council  
Emeritus Designation New Under review by PEM  
Faculty and Senior Administration Relocation New Under review by Associate VP, Employee Services  
Off-Campus Activity & Travel New Under review  
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy New Under review by Secretariat  
Gift Acceptance New Under review  



Undergraduate Course and Program Approval (21) Revised Published 05/09/2014
Undergraduate Continuance (92) Revised Published 04/11/2014
Final Grade Appeals (217) New Published - effective summer 2013 03/15/2013
Undergraduate Directed Studies, Special Topics & Independent study Course (207) New Published - effective summer 2013 02/15/2013
Graduate Course and Program Approval (209) New Published 02/15/2013
Undergraduate Continuance (92) (formally known as Continuance in a Program) Reviewed Published - effective summer 2013 11/16/2012
 Course Loads, Academic Program (63) Revised Published  10/12/2012
Undergraduate Course and Program Approval (21) (formally Program and Course Approval) Revised Published  11/16/2012
Human Research Ethics (54) (formally Research Ethics) Revised Published 05/11/2012
Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarship (53) (formally Integrity in Research & Scholarship) Revised Published 05/11/2012
Student Academic Misconduct (70) Revised Published 12/09/2011
English Language Proficiency Requirements (99) Revised  Published  10/14/2011 
Amendment of Permanent Record (66) Repealed   06/06/2014
Advanced Placement Program (90) Repealed   06/06/2014
Academic Appeals (61) Repealed   06/21/2013
Continuance in a Program 92 (replaced by Undergraduate Continuance 92) Repealed   05/06/2013
Review begun
Submission of Grades (109) Revisions  Under review by Registrar  
Transfer Credit (107) Review Under review by VP, Academic & Registrar  
Assignment of Course Credit (105) Review Under review by UEC  
Subsequent Degree (98) Review Under review by an Admissions Task Force subcommittee  
Residency (96) Review Under review by an Admissions Task Force subcommittee  
Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR) (94) Review Out for consultation  
Grading System (101) Revisions Under review by UEC  
Academic Warning (79) Review Under review by Registrar  
Portfolio Assessment (97) Review Under review by Director of Teaching and Learning  
Course Challenge (106) Review Under review by Director of Teaching and Learning  
Attendance (62) Review Out for consultation  
Course Withdrawal (81) Review Out for consultation  
Course Requisites (84) Review Out for consultation  
Graduation Awards (64) Review Under review by University Secretary/Registrar  
Under consideration
Concurrent Degrees   Under review  
Academic Renewal New Under consideration  

Joint Authority - Senate and Board of Governors
Policy Description Status Date
Honorary Doctorate Degrees New Published 03/06/2014 
Review Begun
Under consideration
Research Centres and Institutes New Under review  
Program Discontinuance New Under review by APPC  
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