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  1. Drolet, D. (2009, March 23). Universities not Facing up to Race Issues, say Scholars: Schools are ‘in Denial,’ don’t Recognize Systemic Racism on their Campuses.
  2. FedCan Equity Blog
  3. Jacobs, Beverley. Native Women's Association of Canada Submission to the Special Rapporteur Investigating the Violations of Indigenous Human Rights. Native Women's Association of Canada 2002.
  4. NativeWeb: Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World.
  5. Ryerson University, Report of the Taskforce on Anti-Racism at Ryerson University. (2010, January).
  6. Statistics Canada. (2010, March 9). Study: Projections of the Diversity of the Canadian Population.
  7. Patricia Monture Tribute
  8. Impact of Bill C4


Other Links Related to RAN Discussions of Importance

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Bill C51 – Antiterrorism legislation currently proposed



Video on Voices into Action Workshops for Educators



Discussion of articles on Islamophobia and Barbaric Cultural Practices





RAN Report 2011 by Dr. Adrienne Chan and Dr. Rita Dhamoon




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