Why Study Adult Education?

Adult Education is a diverse field of practice and research that fosters an understanding of the different ways in which adults learn and different ways they may be helped to learn—whether on their own, in groups, in the community, or in organizational settings.

Students in UFV’s Adult Education program develop their ability to plan adult learning experiences, guide communities in capacity-building, develop their ability to teach adults, foster learning for advocacy and action, as well as conduct research regarding the teaching and learning of adults.  

Why a Bachelor’s Degree in Adult Education?

UFV’s degree program is a unique mid-career professional development program for people who are instructing, administering, developing programs, or providing educational support for adult learners. Most of UFV’s students enroll on a part-time basis and the degree offers students the opportunity to link both practical and theoretical coursework to the challenges they meet in their work setting.

The degree provides recognition of transfer credit, recognition of non-formal learning though a process of prior learning assessment and opportunities to challenge existing courses.

UFV’ students provide leadership through best practices, research and hands-on activities in a wide variety of positions across the field of education.





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