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Welcome to the UFV History Department!

Why Study History?

  • Study the past to understand the present
  • Gain a multitude of skills, including critical thinking, analysis, research, writing, and communication
  • Be introduced to Arts-based methodology
  • Work with an abundance of sources, whether written or oral
  • Enhance your learning in other disciplines
  • Learn about the diversity of perspectives on the past
  • Enhance your understanding of other cultures
  • Gain exposure to the history of people, places, cultures, and ideas
  • Prepare for careers in fields such as teaching, public service, law, archives, public history, research, and journalism  

Why Study History at UFV? 

  • Exceptional educators and scholars
  • Dedication to student success and mentoring
  • Extensive variety of course topics
  • Program depth and breadth
  • Many opportunities for student engagement, including History Day, teas, speakers’ series, parties, film series, student association, etc.
  • Emphasis on acquiring skills
  • Opportunities for practical application in courses and in the community
  • Small class sizes 

What do Our Graduates Have to Say?

“I loved my time as a history major at UFV. I felt that I grew intellectually and am still impacted by my experiences in the UFV history department. I had many wonderful teachers who have impacted my life, and am a big believer in the UFV history department! I'm glad I was a part of it for my four years at University” (from the 2012 History Program Review). 

“When combined with other disciplines, History helps to give context to a great deal of the world. It also helps students develop reasoning and analytical skills that may otherwise be absent” (from the 2012 History Program Review). 

“I would recommend the program, because I think it was one of the only departments that really stretched all of my academic capabilities - writing, analysis, research, strategic reading. I think the program prepared me well for graduate school. I think it prepared me for the kind of intensity that (grad school brings, as well as an idea of the standards (writing-wise) that I would be expected to live up to” (from the 2012 History Program Review).

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