Mathematics & Statistics at UFV

Welcome to the homepage of the Mathematics and Statistics department at UFV!

Math and Stats professors are ready to help you meet your goals, whether you require just a single math course or would like an entire degree in math. We represent many special fields but are unified in our commitment to providing support and excellent, student-oriented instruction. We also offer opportunities for undergrad research, including work study (paid) research.

We offer:

  • Majors in mathematics in both the Arts (BA) and the Sciences (BSc)
  • Minors in both mathematics and statistics: great for combining with a degree in another discipline!
  • New in 2012: A Post-degree Certificate in Data Analysis
  • A minor within the Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS)

Our degrees will provide you with a good exposure to many areas of modern mathematics and statistics, opportunity to use the specialized mathematical software current in industry, business and academia, and sound qualifications for employment or further study.

Having a math component to your degree signals to prospective employers that you have the ability to think analytically (ie you can work things out), abstractly (you can think beyond what you see in front of you) and logically. Math teachers are so much in demand that almost every qualified math applicant to teacher’s ed programs is accepted. Statistics components in a degree are very attractive because stats is used in every field, especially in business and research.

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