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Why do research?
Who better to answer this question than students are currently conducting research at UFV. First year Physics major Sarah Reimer explains: “Knowing what's important to look for in experiments has helped me in many of my classes, and I expect will continue to help me in both future studies and a career.  Research has also taught me a lot about problem solving, because with research, unlike in a class, when things go wrong, nobody else has already done the same experiment.  It's also really interesting to know that you're discovering things that nobody else has before.”

Here’s what UFV Chemistry major Liam Huber had to say about his experience working with Dr. Noham Weinberg (Chemistry): “The biggest skill I think you learn is autonomy in problem solving; you don't have friends working on the exact same questions you are like you get in class assignments, so you really learn to sit down and systematically work through all sorts of problems by yourself.”

Conducting research opens the door to new discoveries. It will hone your skills and make you a stronger candidate for graduate school. It also gives you the opportunity to interact with faculty in a way that would not be otherwise possible.

How can we help?
The RGS office is available to assist you in your research endeavours by providing information on exciting events and opportunities available for student researchers. We can also help you with completing applications for research grants and scholarships. Student opportunities include international internships, research assistant positions, Undergraduate Research Excellence Awards, Student Research Day, NSERC USRA Awards, Canada Graduate Scholarships, and student conference presentation assistance.
Hours: M-F 8:30 – 4:30

What opportunities are available?

Research Assistant program:
This program provides funding for faculty to hire students for sixty hours of research work per year. Students should approach specific faculty or department heads to inquire about opportunities.

Work-Study opportunities:
The Work-Study program is a UFV program which offers students additional financial assistance through an education-related, on-campus employment experience. Students should visit the Career Centre for more information.

Student Research Day:
As an opportunity for students to display and share their research projects, the Research Advisory Council hosts a Student Research Day each Spring. Poster board or table top displays are viewed, judged, and awarded cash prizes. This event for 2105 will be taking place in March (Date TBA).

Student MicroLecture Series:
The Research Advisory Countil hosted the first annual Student MicroLecutre Series on March 31, 2011.  This was an excellent opportunity to present research, to practice public speaking and to put an academic talk on student's resumes.  All research was supervised by a UFV faculty member. Stuident MicroLectures take place annually in March. Check back soon for dates!

Fund your research ideas! 
The Office of Research supports a number of student awards and provides an up-to-date list of opportunities for students.  Please take a look at the different areas below for more information.

Awards and Grants




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