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Participating in New Student Orientation (NSO) events and activities are a great way to get prepared for your first semester at UFV. Whether you're coming right from high school, transferring from another post-secondary institution, or returning to school after taking some time off, UFV's NSO events will set you up for success! 

Discover Your UFV — June 2020

Learn specific information about your program of study, how to register for courses, and how to get connected and supported on campus.

You and your supporters (which may include your parents, guardians, family members, or friends) will also be able to attend informative online information sessions delivered by UFV staff, and fun engagement opportunities through our social media.

Discover your UFV now

Smart Start online orientation
— August 2020

This online orientation course covers everything you need to know about studying at UFV. Learn how to understand your course requirements and expectations, and how UFV's supportive student services can help you throughout your studies at UFV.

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Welcome Weeks — September 2020

This is your first official UFV welcome as you you prepare for and begin your classes at UFV! Welcome weeks are full of fun and interactive online activities that give you a chance to meet other new and current UFV students, connect with UFV departments and services, and develop new skills and strengths as you set yourself up for personal success in your first year at UFV. 

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UFV is located on the unceded traditional territory of the Stó:lō peoples, where Halq’améylem is spoken. The Halq’améylem word given to us for New Student Orientation (NSO) is Tl’etl’axel, which means "to invite people to gather in one community." 

Visit our New Students page to learn more about the meaning behind the NSO logo, and the Indigenous graphic designer and UFV student who created it.

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