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Institutional Learning Outcomes

Institutional Learning Outcomes

Updated Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

On July 1, 2024, UFV will adopt an updated set of Institutional Learning Outcomes.

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Current Institutional Learning Outcomes

Each UFV graduate possesses the following abilities and, therefore, can demonstrate the following interconnected institutional learning outcomes.


1. Demonstrate information competency

Graduates gather, organize, and critically examine written, oral, visual, and numerical information. They efficiently use technology as a tool to gather and evaluate information. Graduates utilize relevant and credible sources, recognizing the need to gather information from a variety of perspectives. Graduates use information ethically, respecting the legal restrictions that exist when using published, confidential, and/or proprietary information.

2. Analyze critically and imaginatively

Graduates engage in the examination of ideas, issues, and problems, drawing on established bodies of knowledge and means of analysis. Graduates organize information logically and consider alternate strategies. They recognize the need for multiple voices and seek opportunities for those voices to be heard. Graduates are creative and generative. They use divergent or lateral thinking to expand on ideas and create new ways of looking at a situation.

3. Use knowledge and skills proficiently

Graduates demonstrate competence in the knowledge and skills specific to their area of study. They productively apply their knowledge and skills to a variety of situations.

4. Initiate inquiries and develop solutions to problems

Graduates demonstrate a curiosity that results in inquiry. They propose questions that encourage deliberation and the formulation of solutions to problems, in theoretical or applied fields. They evaluate the benefits and challenges of different solutions when proposing specific courses of action.

5. Communicate effectively

Graduates communicate respectfully. They listen attentively, seek clarification, and work to understand the points of view of others. Graduates effectively present information using a variety of modes and media. They adapt their method of presentation to suit specific audiences. Graduates accurately convey their intended message using a variety of oral, written, and visual strategies.

6. Pursue self-motivated and self-reflective learning

Graduates are confident and initiate action. They work independently and productively. They set personal and professional goals and establish a plan of action to attain those goals. Graduates continually reflect on their growth and development and utilize reliable and practical strategies to learn from that reflection.

7. Engage in collaborative leadership

Graduates work cooperatively, in that they are aware of and appreciate diversity, work with diverse peoples, and demonstrate strong interpersonal skills. Graduates motivate, include, and support others, demonstrating leadership skills. They seek opportunities to collaborate.

8. Engage in respectful and professional practices

Graduates behave ethically and equitably, in that they act with integrity and take responsibility for their actions. Graduates engage in professional dialogue and participate in learning communities.

9. Contribute regionally and globally

Graduates are socially just, in that they are prepared to participate in their regional and global communities. They demonstrate knowledge of their region and the world. Graduates initiate change. Graduates demonstrate that they can use what they have learned at UFV to impact their community positively.

UFV ILOs approved August 2012

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