Join Team Convocation

Launching new graduates into the world is a momentous occasion for all members of the UFV community. Dr. Mark Evered encourages you to participate in one or more of the 4 ceremonies  held on June 11 and 12 at the Abbotsford Centre.  

UFV staff, your workday will be reassigned to free you to celebrate with our grads.

UFV alumni and retirees, you are also encouraged to join our team.

Refreshments and a gift are provided.

Choose a position

Check the schedule to decide which ceremonies you wish to attend and choose a position from the list below. Please note that positions are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Do not delay: sign up today.

Team lounge attendants

Team lounge attendants are the first point of contact for Team Convocation. They distribute identification badges and information, monitor catering deliveries, re-assign workers as needed to fill shortages, and distribute team convocation gifts.


Greeters are the first point of contact for graduands and their guests! Before each ceremony, greeters welcome arrivals to the Abbotsford Centre and distribute info flyers. Following the ceremony, they assist ushers to remind graduates to return their gowns. They also manage pedestrian traffic around the building.

Coat check

The coat check station looks after the personal belongings of graduates (items they cannot carry through out their ceremony) ie coats, large bags and umbrellas. This station also serves as the Lost and Found for each Convocation Ceremony. There is no coat check available for guests.

Gowns and hoods (pinning)

The Gowning and hooding stations work closely with Gaspard, our regalia supplier, to provide rental regalia and assist students as they transform from graduand to graduate by putting on their gown and hood.

Caps and tassels

After the gowning and hooding station each student receives a cap and tassel. UFV Alumni volunteers help new alumni get ready for the big day at this station.

Faculty and Stage party gowning

Faculty and stage party gowning attendants help faculty and VIPs into their regalia in the faculty gowning area back stage.

VIP room attendants

VIP room attendants assist President and Board staff with gowning the stage party and provide directions to the stage, seating, and the VIP luncheon. VIP room attendants host Board members, VIPs and other UFV guests.

VIP/backstage ushers

VIP ushers use detailed RSVP lists to identify the next steps for green room guests, faculty, senior admin, board, and senate.

Document distribution

Under the dierection ofthe Office of the Registrar (OREG), the document station distributes UFV parchments (credentials) to graduands.

Alumni card distribution

Alumni card station distributes alumni cards to graduands.

Exit to marhalling area ushers

Ushers assigned to this position assist graduates (especially those wearing extreme high heels) down the stairs to the marshalling area back stage or direct to the elevator. They also give tips like take photos with fellow students now, keep your grad card handy, use washroom before lining up with fellow students.


Marshalls help arrange graduates in alphabetical order back stage according to their program, so that they can proceed to the convocation ceremony in an orderly and timely fashion.

Disability assistance usher

Disability assistance ushers work with UFV’s Disability Resource Centre (DRC) to help students get ready behind the scenes and escort guests with disabilities to designated seating areas on the floor. There is a Diability Resource Centre station on the Concourse for guests.

Backstage ushers

Backstage ushers close curtains to back stage entrance at the start of the ceremony. They escort grads who cannot stay for the entire ceremony to the nearest exit.

Concourse ushers

Concourse ushers direct grads and guests, assist guests with disabilities, and hand out programs to guests as they enter the seating areas before the ceremony. They also manage traffic flow around the reception areas after the ceremony, and answer questions.

Grad seating ushers

Grad seating ushers put programs on stage and student seats before each ceremony, direct VIPs and guests with disabilities to their seats, direct grads back to their seats after they have crossed the stage, and lead grads out through the exits at the end of the ceremony.

Info table (light duty posting)

The UFV information table is at the main entrance to the Abbotsford Centre. This person needs to have a good understanding of the venue and program in order to answer a myraid of questions. This position is ideal for team convo workers with limited mobility.


Before your shift

Sign up before your shift begins in the Team Convocation lounge. We give you a name badge holder that contains information about the venue and services. Please return the name badge at the end of each day.

Before and after your shift, please enjoy refreshments in the team convocation lounge. We may need your assistance in other areas, so please be open to help with set-up or take down at the discretion of your team lead.

Team Convocation can always use a hand

The Team Convocation signup is now close, as we are currently busy setting up the venue. But there are still some opportunities to participate. Please report to the Team  Lounge an hour before the ceremonies, and we can fit you in where there is a need!

For urgent requests or inquiries, please email Auriel.heron@ufv.ca

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