MyUFV offers employees an online portal to view and update Employee Information such as:

  • Payroll Information - view your Pay Stubs, Earnings History or Deduction History
  • T4s - view and print your T4 form.
  • Expense Claim Pay - view your Expense Claim Pay Stub
  • Benefits - view your benefits information
  • Parking Pass Application - to apply for an Employee Parking Pass 

To access the above, please log onto myUFV and visit the myUFV Records Services 

For more information on how to:
Access your Payroll Information
T4/T4A Electronic Consent
T4/T4A Printing

Access your Payroll Information

To view your pay information, T4, or vacation balance online follow these steps:

  1. From the home page, click on the ‘myUFV’ tab on the left side menu
  2. User name (your 9-digit Employee ID)
  3. Password (Initial login is your Birthday: yymmdd, ie 850706 if your birthday is July 6, 1985)
  4. Click Login
  5. On the Home Tab you will find myUFV Records Services on the left hand side
  6. Click Employee Information
  7. Click on the Employee tab, if not already selected at the top of the screen

For pay information select Pay Information

  • For pay stubs, click on Pay Stub
  • Select year
  • Click on Display
  • Click on pay stub date to view pay stub detail

To view vacation balance, select Leave Balance

For earning history, select Pay Information

  • Click on Earnings History
  • Select a date range for which to view your earnings
  • Click on Display

For expense claim payments, select Expense Claim Pay Stub

  • Select year
  • Click on Display

T4/T4A Consent

UFV requires all employees to electronically consent to receive their T4s. To provide electronic consent please complete the following steps:

  1. Login into myUFV following steps 1-7 noted above
  2. Click Tax Forms
  3. Click on Electronic Tax Form Consent
  4. Scroll down to Selection Criteria
  5. Select My Choice – click in box to consent to receive Tax Forms electronically
  6. Click Submit

T4 Printing

Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari browsers are recommended for printing your T4. Google Chrome is not supported at this time. 

  1. Login into myUFV following steps 1-7 noted above
  2. Click Tax Forms
  3. Click on Slips for Income Tax Return
  4. Select the year you want printed – click on the down arrow then click on the Year 20XX - Click on T4 statement of Remuneration Paid
  5. Click on the down arrow at the end of T4 slip – 20XX UFV – full time original issued …”. You may have more than one T4 - if you have worked as a non-permanent employee during the year and received a permanent position during the same year, you will have two T4’s. UFV has two registration numbers with Canada Revenue Agency and we must separate earnings for permanent and non-permanent employment. Amended T4’s will also be listed here.
  6. Click on View T4
  7. With T4 on the screen, click on the drop down arrow beside the printer icon on the ribbon
  8. Select Print Preview
  9. Click on the 5th icon over‌ Turn Header On or Off so that header and footer are not‌ displayed
  10. In second drop down box (default says "As Laid out on Screen") select Only the Selected Frame
  11. In the Third drop down box (default says "Shrink to Fit") select 100%
  12. Click on the Printer icon Print two copies - one for your files and one to submit to Revenue Canada when you file your income tax return for the year.

*Important* (Your 2014 T4 is now finalized and official)

Your T4 will have “Unofficial” stated across the top until such time as payroll has finalized the file for submission to Canada Revenue Agency, which is expected to occur in mid to late February. Please be sure to only include the finalized T4 when submitting your income tax return (“Unofficial” will be removed).

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