Teaching excellence is our goal. Our environment is one of students and educators inspiring one another to reach their highest academic aspirations. We successfully balance small class attention with the opportunities of a major regional university. Our academic support professionals – librarians, counselors, educational advisors, and others – are actively engaged supporting our students in their educational pursuits.

2018.189 — Instructor, ARTS and BGS Portfolio Courses
Faculty  — College of Arts, Curriculum Committee
Closing: September 21, 2018
2018.177 — Director, Research Services and Industry Engagement
Faculty  — Research, Engagement and Graduate Studies
2018.151 — Faculty Development Consultant
Faculty  — Teaching and Learning
Internal use: Nomination form
2018.142 — Counsellor
Faculty  — Student Services
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2018.141 — Counsellor
Faculty  — Student Services
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2018.011 — Sessional Faculty
Faculty  — Faculty of Health Sciences

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