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Human Rights & Conflict Resolution Office

What is not harassment

Relationships of mutual consent

Behaviours that are not considered harassment are those that arise from a relationship of mutual consent.  A hug between friends, mutual flirtation, and a compliment on physical appearance between colleagues are not considered harassment.

Academic freedom and intellectual disagreements

Under the Harassment Prevention Policy, intellectual disagreements related to academic freedom are also not considered harassment:

Harassment does not include collegial disputes or disagreements regarding policy, practice, ideology or matters of academic freedom. Neither this policy generally nor its definitions are to be applied in such a way as to detract from the right of faculty, staff and students to engage in the frank discussion of potentially controversial matters, such as race, age, politics, religion, sex and sexual orientation, subject to the provisions of the Human Rights Code of BC.

Direction of the workforce and student body

The management and discipline of employees and students is also not harassment. Legitimate requirements to comply with rules or standards—such as requests to meet dress codes, deadlines, employee performance standards, attendance requirements—are not considered harassment.

This policy is not to be interpreted, administered or applied in such a way as to detract from the right and obligation of those in supervisory roles to manage and discipline employees and students in accordance with collective agreements and applicable administrative policies.

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