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Human Rights & Conflict Resolution Office

Respectful workplace training

Respect in the workplace: Preventing discrimination, harassment, and bullying

Training course

The University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) acknowledges its responsibility in providing all members of the university community with access to information on the Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment Prevention Policy 18 (the Policy) along with the appropriate training to understand the procedures.  In support of our commitment to build a positive and inclusive work environment, UFV requires all employees to complete, “Respect in the Workplace” web-based training program.

UFV is committed to providing an environment supportive of working, teaching, scholarship and research, and the fair treatment of all members of the university community.  The basis for interaction among all members of the university is mutual respect, co-operation and understanding.

The following summary outlines the UFV “Respect in the Workplace” training program. 

Description of training

UFV will require that all employees complete the web-based training program.  Once completed, the following learning objectives will be achieved:

  1. Understand your responsibilities in promoting respect and in preventing discrimination, harassment, and bullying in the workplace
  2. Have an increased awareness of behaviour that constitute discrimination, harassment, and bullying
  3. Be able to distinguish between behavior that is appropriate and behaviour that is inappropriate or illegal
  4. Know your policy and complaint procedures on discrimination, harassment, and bullying
  5. Be able to respond to initial complaints or concerns of discrimination, harassment, and bullying
  6. Understand appropriate interventions for dealing with discrimination, harassment, and bullying issues


Training course instructions

Click on the Training Program link below when you are ready to start the training program.

A screen will prompt you to enter a username and password:

  •  Username: UFVtraining
  •  Password:  respect14

Another Log In Information screen will open and enter your:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Employee Number (Banner ID) 
  • Department

Begin the Training Program (additional information is provided after log in).

Further help

For further information on discrimination, bullying and harassment prevention, please contact the Human Rights and Conflict Resolution office by emailing humanrights@ufv.ca.

For technical assistance, please contact Shelley Engen in Human Resources local 4145 or email Shelley.

New training initiative for all UFV employees

Help build a positive and inclusive workplace: complete your mandatory “Respect in the Workplace” web-based training now.

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