Building and mechanical systems maintenance

Buildings and mechanical maintenance staff are responsible for maintaining buildings, and mechanical systems: electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

To request services, or advise of an issue, please submit an online work request.

In the case of an emergency situation during the day, call the Facilities service desk at 604-854-4542, or after hours, call campus security at 1-855-239-7654.

Building maintenance responsibilities

  • minor repairs to lighting and electrical
  • minor repairs to ceilings, walls and flooring
  • minor plumbing repairs including response to leaks
  • minor construction and repairs to sloped roofing, gutter, office casework, and wood furniture
  • repair and replacement of doors and window hardware
  • maintenance, installation, and repair of signage, tack boards, whiteboards, shelving and other woodwork
  • support room and event set up

Mechanical systems maintenance responsibilities


  • calibration and repair building temperature control systems
  • testing and maintenance of emergency generators and lighting
  • servicing interior and exterior building light fixtures
  • testing and repairing fire alarm systems
  • servicing electrical supply systems for automatic door-opening devices


  • testing and repair of emergency eyewash and shower stations
  • maintenance and repair to domestic hot and cold water systems
  • maintenance and repair of chemical waste systems in laboratories
  • maintenance of natural gas and air pneumatic systems
  • testing and installation of backflow prevention devices
  • servicing fire suppression systems, valves, hydrants and fire hose cabinets
  • maintenance and repair of sanitary sewer and perimeter drainage systems
  • drainage system maintenance and repair
  • maintenance of deionized water systems


  • preventative maintenance and troubleshooting of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment
  • maintenance and repair of refrigeration and commercial kitchen equipment
Emergency contact

Facilities Service Desk


Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm

Campus Security
After hours


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