Day Contractor Process

  1. Report to Facilities Office B150.
  2. Review Pamphlet.
  3. Review/Sign Contractor’s Access Release Form (Initial Bottom).
  4. Keys/ID/Parking will be issued.
  5. Return all items after use, if the office is closed, use FOB to gain access and return your items.

Preferred Contractors Process

  1. Primary contractors will be responsible for the training of all sub-contractors etc.
  2. Facilities to review the process with primary contractors, manuals will be signed and returned to Facilities.
  3. Facilities personnel will review the Contractor Manual and the Power Point Presentation, this will take place on an annual basis.

Contractor ITS Server Room Access

  1. Contractors requiring access to IT server rooms to perform work must complete the following two forms and submit 48-hours before scheduled work for approval to proceed.

If you have any questions concerning the above content, or would like an onsite safety orientation, please report to the Facilities Management office at the Abbotsford Campus in B150 or email to schedule an appointment.

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