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Peace and Reconciliation Centre


Peace and Reconciliation Centre’s Collaboratorium

The Collaboratorium is designed to bridge both the expectation and skills gap by providing training, intercultural awareness, administrative and academic oversight for undergraduate students and community partners to conduct research that contributes to building a foundation for reconciliation.

This type of community-based pedagogy combines service and hands-on work experience for students in a real-world context so they can gain transferable competencies needed for the workplace including: methodological training in oral history, qualitative and quantitative analysis, creation of research databases, community engagement, interpersonal skills as well as professional networking opportunities. While in parallel this allows partners to hire valuable human resources to achieve business goals.

"I conceived the idea for the Collaboratorium when I saw that there were many students from the College of Arts who were developing critical research skills and experience but not being provided the opportunity to apply them", Professor Keith Carlson, PARC Director explains.

"Likewise, there were community organizations who had research questions but did not necessarily have the time or capacity to design a project and oversee a student to complete it. The Collaboratorium brings these needs together in a way that is nurtured and supported by faculty and university staff.”

Some significant benefits obtained from this type of community-engagement include:

  • Positive impact on student learning and job training
  • Capacity building for community organizations
  • Greater inter-cultural compassion
  • Improved social responsibility
  • Professional networking relationships
  • Stronger sense of belonging to the university and community
  • New bonds between faculty, students and partners

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A huge thanks to all of our Summer 2021 Collaboratorium partners providing meaningful opportunities and mentorship!

We're honoured to win the Outstanding BC Heritage Award in Indigenous and Diverse Cultures. Thank you to Heritage Abbotsford for the nomination and recognizing PARC Director, Dr. Keith Carlson's, dedication to the Collaboratorium project.

The Heritage BC Awards celebrate incredible achievements in heritage across the Province of British Columbia every year. You can view other amazing 2022 award winners and read about what made each one stand out.


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