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Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic

Fund for Innovative Teaching (FIT)

The University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) Fund for Innovative Teaching (FIT) supported short-term proposals for faculty to create, develop, or deliver innovative teaching and learning opportunities for students.

Fundable projects included the development of team, multi-disciplinary, trans-disciplinary, cross-faculty, technologically enhanced, experiential or place-based, and other high impact teaching and learning experiences. Funding supported: innovative projects focused on curricular development, modification or elaboration; enhancements for student learning and to improve student success; extraordinary online or technology-intensive course development; partnerships with external collaborators or agencies; and data gathering, analysis or synthesis, and program evaluation.

Funding Project Descriptions & Final Reports

2019-2020 FIT Project Descriptions

2018-2019 FIT Project Descriptions

2017-2018 FIT Project Descriptions

2016–2017 FIT Project Descriptions


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