Sexualized Violence Prevention

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In May 2017, UFV adopted the Prevention, Education, and Response to Sexualized Violence policy. This policy represents our commitment to creating a campus where all students and employees can learn and work in an environment that is free from any form of sexualized violence.

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Workshops currently offered:

Healthy Relationships and Consent

    • This workshop introduces participants to the fundamentals of all healthy, consensual intimate relationships. Participants are encouraged to apply these principles to their own intimate relationships and to use this knowledge to assess situations that may lead to sexualized violence.

Active Bystander Intervention

    • This workshop addresses the reasons why bystanders often do not intervene in potentially harmful situations. Participants learn a variety of ways to safely and effectively intervene in these kinds of situations.

Responding to Disclosures of Sexualized Violence

    • In this workshop, participants learn how to respond appropriately and sensitively to disclosures of sexualized violence. On- and off-campus support resources, as well as reporting options, are also introduced. 

These workshops aim to:

  • dispel common myths of sexualized violence
  • help students develop healthy, consensual intimate relationships
  • equip students with practical skills to intervene in situations that may lead to harm
  • teach students how to respond sensitively to a victim/survivor who is disclosing their story of resilience.

These workshops are open to all UFV students. Please see the following calendar for upcoming workshops.

If you are a faculty member who would like to include one or all of these workshops in your course, please contact UFV’s Manager of Student Wellness and Development, Greg Mather, at 604-864-4677 (local 4677) or fill out this application to have trained facilitators' present during lecture time (

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