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In May 2017, UFV adopted the Prevention, Education, and Response to Sexualized Violence policy. This policy represents our commitment to creating a campus where all students and employees can learn and work in an environment that is free from any form of sexualized violence.

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UFV offers 3 workshops on sexualized violence prevention. Each workshop is 90-minutes long and is facilitated by UFV Peer Educators. Workshops are open to all UFV students. 

Consent 101

This workshop aims to initiate a discussion about consent and sexualized violence that participants will continue with their friends, partners, classmates, and families. Our goal is to help participants develop a critical perspective on how we are socially conditioned to accept many forms of sexualized violence as ‘normal’ or tolerable.

Citizenship 101

This workshop builds upon the foundational understanding of consent and sexualized violence developed in the Consent 101 workshop. The purpose of the Citizenship 101 workshop is to equip participants with practical strategies to safely and confidently intervene in situations that could lead to sexualized violence. We also aim to sensitize participants to recognizing situations of potential sexualized violence and to reflect upon why they may or may not intervene in a given situation.

Support 101

This workshop provides an opportunity for participants to get a basic understanding of the psychological effects of sexualized violence. Our goal is to equip participants with the tools and resources to support someone disclosing a personal experience of trauma, and particularly, of sexualized violence.



If you are a faculty member who would like to include one or all of these workshops in your course, please contact Belinda Karsen at or 604-557-4064.

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